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Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

The American Bald Eagle Foundation was founded in 1982, and the museum opened its doors 1994. Hundreds of specimens were added to the museum collection over the years, and in 2010 they added the raptor center for a hands on education program. In 1994 the foundation started the annual Alaska Bald Eagle Festival event embracing the largest congregation area of eagles in the world. In November, eagles come to feed on the late run of chum and coho salmon on the Chilkat River. Visitors from near and far come to experience the fascinating natural phenomenon, with over 2,000 eagles gathering to enjoy this bountiful feast. This event has live raptor demonstrations, educational programs, guided hikes, live music, hands on activities and other events usually are added to the schedule weeks before the event takes place.

The four-day Alaska Bald Eagle Festival takes place annually starting on the 2nd Thursday of November, and is a can't-miss event for birders and nature lovers alike! Contact the American Bald Eagle Foundation to find out more.

American Bald Eagle Foundation

Today the natural history museum is home to over 200 specimens of the natural world, and the raptor...

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