Haines Trails: Nature's Playground

Discover Beauty Beyond Imagination

Hiking & Trails

For one to truly experience Haines, it’s best to get out and explore it on foot and to include the hiking trails as part of this adventure. With our 4 main trails, there is sure to be one to fit your skill level, some range from fairly flat to more strenuous uphill treks. Depending on what sights you want to be closer to will help you choose which trail offers those mountain views, forests, meadows filled with wildflowers, or abundance of birds or sea life.

You’ll likely spot wildlife and to know what to do is important.  Bears are not typically interested in humans so make noise and don’t hike alone.  As for moose, they require personal space, best to get away as soon as possible. Dogs are allowed on all trails, best to keep them on a leash. Grab the "Haines is for Hikers" and "Bird of the Chilkat Valley" guides and go for the day or make it a few nights of camping.

Overview of Haines Hiking Trails

Campgrounds & RV Parks

If driving is your plan, be ready for unforgettable vistas as you drive the historic roads and highways into or out of Haines, all known as the “scenic route”.