The largest city in Alaska and containing nearly 40% of Alaska's population.


Anchorage is located 755 miles from Haines through a very breathtaking scenic drive, you will want to stop and take it all in while viewing the wildlife along the way. Anchorage is the largest city in the state of Alaska and receives multiple flights through different carriers into the Ted Stevens International Airport. Book your RV ahead so when you land you are ready to go and continue your travels into Haines. Being that Haines is road connected to the lower 48 via Canada, you can start driving from wherever your home may be because you can drive to Haines.

The Golden Circle

Renting an RV?  Why not drive the Golden Circle and connect with part of Southeast, Alaska.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting Haines will take some planning, but once you get here, you will be happy you did. There are many ways to get here. Find out which one suits you best!