Haines is known as the Adventure Capital of Alaska for a reason.



Adventure travel beckons the curious, the thrill-seeker, and the boundary pusher whether you explore by land, high above or braving the exhilarating waterways.  Large mountain ranges, miles of trails, rivers, lakes, and sometimes long daylight hours, depending on the season. All this combined equals endless outdoor activities and adventures! We've got options for the active adventure and even for those that just want to dabble, whether you’re a hard or soft adventurer, we’ve got it. Exploring the vast valley through a local tour operator that has exactly what you are looking for, from whitewater rafting, 4X4 self-driven Kawasaki mules, ATV’s, petting a moose, a flat bottom boat up the Chilkat River, kayaking, fishing, flightseeing, it’s endless what to fill your time with and how adventurous are you.  

During the winter months while chasing the northern lights let your adrenaline drive steer you into activities that have a higher octane rush such as ice climbing, trekking, heli-skiing, and snowboarding, going places where few have gone.  Throughout the year, whether by water, land or air, you can choose from a variety of activities for the whole family, which usually take place in natural settings where memorable experiences come to life. The excitement doesn’t end there, visit again because you can’t do it all in one visit.


Haines is a mecca for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors. By foot, by boat, by wheels or by wings, we've got the activity for you!