Flights Forward

Welcome Celebration


Friday, November 10th 5-7PM

American Bald Eagle Foundation

Join us as we kick off an incredible weekend of festivities with the Flights Forward Welcome Celebration! This is your chance to embrace the spirit of Haines, Alaska, in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy the soulful melodies of a local vocalist and pianist, savor delightful beverages and bites, and explore the fascinating world of the American Bald Eagle Foundation with our featured speaker Maia Edward and guest speaker Dr Heather Huson. Plus, don't forget to visit our gift shop for unique souvenirs and treasures. It's the perfect way to begin a weekend filled with entertainment, culture, and natural beauty in Haines.


Featured speaker

Maia Edwards Presents:

“Listening to the Future”


Guest Speaker

Dr. Heather Jay Huson Presents:

“The genetics of Balto, famed sled dog of the Nome serum run and his modern sled dog compatriots”


American Bald Eagle Foundation

Today the natural history museum is home to over 200 specimens of the natural world, and the raptor...

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