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Chilkat River, Chilkoot Lake and Chilkoot River are all spawning grounds for all five types of pacific salmon.

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Fishing & Boating

If you love salmon, just imagine catching your own! In Haines, Alaska it’s extremely easy to have a memorable fishing experience. Additionally, the high concentration of salmon makes for some of the best bear watching in the world! Keep reading to find out exactly why Haines, Alaska is a great place to fish for salmon (and other types of fish).

Haines, Alaska is home to five types of salmon.

If you have a particular type of preference for salmon, you can find it in Haines! There are five species of salmon found in Haines including Chinook, Chum, Coho, Sockeye, and Pink Salmon. All of the varieties are fairly easy to catch in Haines.   Whatever species you catch, it’s sure to be delicious!

You can find fresh and saltwater in Haines.

The Chilkoot Lake & River and the Chilkat River are the large bodies of freshwater in Haines. Not too far off from these fresh bodies of water is the Lynn Canal. The mixing of the two types of water makes for some strong currents…and lots of salmon! This is one of the key aspects of what makes Haines, Alaska an ideal place for salmon fishing. For those who don’t know, salmon live out the majority of their lives in saltwater, but return to the freshwater nursery they were born at to reproduce and lay their own eggs.  These salmon return in “runs” with large quantities of fish that are amazing to see. These “runs” create some great fishing opportunities to catch this feisty fish and enjoy nature. ALERT –  bears are often attracted to these streams heavy with fish.  If you encounter a bear while fishing you should reel in or cut your line if necessary, take your fish and move to a safe place.  Since you can find both types of water within a stone’s throw of each other – salmon love Haines just as much as salmon-fishers! (Oh, the irony!)

You don’t even need a boat in Haines.

Visiting Haines, Alaska? Don’t even worry about a boat! Life revolves around the water in Haines, so it’s extremely easy to find a shore from which to cast a line. Fly fishing is very popular, but simply standing on the dock or shore is sure to bring in some fish! All you have to do is make sure you have a fishing license.

Locals offer fishing tours to show you the ropes.

If you would like to get out on the water, and pick up tips from local experts, consider joining a tour or fishing charter to learn more about the area. Check out these different options:

Never Monday Charters – Join this charter fishing and sightseeing operator for a great day out on the water, and try to catch some halibut, cod, rockfish, and of course…salmon!
Carpe Diem Excursions – This is another great sightseeing and fishing charter that takes your holiday time seriously and committed to providing lifelong memories.
Fly Guides –  With plenty of time to learn how to cast and catch fish, even on a short day, local guides Greg and Zach can help you chase all species of salmon and year-round dolly varden.
More tours – There are other offerings of sightseeing tours to consider exploring on your visit. Learn more about them!

You can also catch tons of other fish in Haines.

Tired of salmon? That’s impossible! However, it’s not an issue in Haines. You can find other dinner-friendly fish such as trout. YUM!

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Kayaking & Canoeing

Haines is situated on a peninsula making it a magnet for kayaking and canoeing visitors, rentals are available or bring your own. Our waterway playground consists of lakes, inlets, and rivers, but always make sure to check on the weather before going out.