Haines Highway

The adventure is part of getting to Haines, with scenic vistas abound!

Getting to Haines

Getting here is part of the fun! Haines is located on the "tail" of Southeast Alaska, only 45 miles from the US-Canadian border. This beautiful section of earth is defined by mountains rising directly out of the ocean. Many ships have historically sailed these waters, giving rise to the name of the "Inside Passage". At the northern end of the Lynn Canal, the longest and deepest fjord in North America, Haines sits surrounded by snow-capped mountains and hanging glaciers. There is also an abundance of wildlife here, from bald eagles and bears, to whales and orcas. All of this makes getting here an adventure worth having!


Common routes to Haines:
  • By air from Seattle - people commonly fly to Juneau through a major airline, and then take a smaller (regional) airline to Haines
  • By boat from Juneau - Alaska Marine Highway System runs year-round, and Alaska Fjordlines operates over the summer (May-Sept)
  • By boat from Bellingham, WA - about a 2 hour drive north of Seattle, Bellingham is where the Alaska Marine Highway System departs from
  • By road - from Anchorage, Whitehorse (Canada), or even the contiguous United States (aka "lower 48"), you can drive to Haines
  • By cruise ship - many ships stop directly in Haines, or our neighbor community of Skagway. A short 1-hour boat ride away will get you here from Skagway!

Find out more about getting to Haines through any one of the communities listed below. And, of course, if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us! Once in Haines, there are car rentals and taxi services available, as well as bicycle rentals to get around town.

Would you like a road map of Alaska? Go to Alaska.org to order one for free!

Getting to Haines through...


Many travelers get to Haines through Juneau International Airport. As Southeast Alaska’s air hub, charter, regional, and major airlines all travel through here. You can also connect to the famed Alaska Marine Highway System in...

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Whitehorse, YT, Canada

Whitehorse is located 250 miles from Haines through one of the most spectacular drives - a large portion of the popular Golden Circle route.

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From Seattle you can get to Haines by flying, driving, taking a cruise, or you can meet up with the Alaska Marine Highway ferry in the port of Bellingham.

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Anchorage is located 755 miles from Haines through a very breathtaking scenic drive. You will want to stop and take it all in while viewing the wildlife along the way.

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Cruises To Haines

Cruising is a very popular way to visit Haines. Check out the many brands and sizes of ships that call to Haines and the neighboring community of Skagway.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting Haines will take some planning, but once you get here, you will be happy you did. There are many ways to get here. Find out which one suits you best!