Sightseeing & Wildlife

There really is something for everyone in the great outdoors in the Chilkat Valley! Epic scenery, pleasant climate and magnificent wildlife make the land a remarkable place to explore.   Haines wildlife viewing opportunities and sightseeing tours start right outside the door.  Mix it up a bit, some things you can do independently than when you are ready to step even further away set up a tour.  Whether you have an hour or a whole day, tour companies and their professional tour guides have a long list of “wow” destinations around Haines. Local sightseeing and city tours help you make every minute count.

If you've already crossed something off your sightseeing to-do list, guides are more than happy to customize your experience. Just ask.  Adventure out on foot or by bicycle and make sure to stop by to visit our museums full of art and history.  Beautiful landscapes and daring trails await, you may get lucky enough viewing wildlife at close proximity.  You can enjoy touring with a kayak on our coast, lakes, or rivers, where you’ll feel the exciting movement of the waves surrounded by lush vegetation and getting close for bird and sea life watching, they may get a bit curious of your visit.

State Parks & Preserves

Entering on the east side of Haines you will meet up with the Chilkoot Inlet into the Lukat Inlet that steers you towards the Chilkoot River and Lake, which encompasses the Chilkoot State Park.