Scenic Shoreline

Battery Point's Coastal Charm

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Battery Point Trail

Explore the stunning Battery Point Trail, a serene journey through the lush rainforest that leads to a breathtaking rocky beach. Starting just a mile and a half south of town at the end of Beach Road, this gentle 1.2-mile trail offers a leisurely stroll surrounded by natural beauty. As you emerge onto the grassy beach, take in the panoramic views of Kelgaya Point and Kelgaya Bay to the right, followed by the captivating Battery Point.

Observing Chilkoot Inlet's narrowest stretch from Battery Point provides an opportunity to witness nature's marvels. Keep an eye out for humpback whales' telltale blows, the heads of harbor seals or Steller sea lions, and the diverse birdlife including loons, surf scoters, pelagic cormorants, and marbled murrelets diving for their meals.

While the trail is relatively easy, the entire journey from town and the trail hike is over five miles, so plan for a 1 to 2-hour experience to fully savor this nature-rich expedition. Embrace the possibility of encountering local wildlife like bears and moose along the way, adding an extra touch of wilderness adventure to your exploration.

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If driving is your plan, be ready for unforgettable vistas as you drive the historic roads and highways into or out of Haines, all known as the “scenic route”.