Discover Ayiklutu

Coastal Marvels and Rainforest Beauty

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Ayiklutu Trail

Embark on a 6.8-mile journey along the Ayiklutu Trail, exploring enchanting rainforests and picturesque beaches tracing the scenic Chilkat Inlet. Glimpse the majestic Davidson and Rainbow Glaciers, keeping an eye out for wildlife like eagles, seals, and whales. Pack binoculars and a windbreaker for gusty conditions.

Equip yourself with sturdy shoes, layered clothing, and a supply of water and snacks before the initial 45-minute hike to Moose Meadow—ideal for day hikers and picnics. From there, the trail winds through coastal forests, coves, and rocky beaches. Sturdy, waterproof boots are recommended for varied terrains.

Exercise caution regarding tides that can trap hikers; consult the tide table before setting out. If camping is on the agenda, the full trail leads to Ayiklutu's dead-end with rugged tent sites. While locals camp at Ayiklutu, avoid a cabin inholding about 5.5 miles in, as camping is prohibited in the privately owned David’s Cove area.

Twin Coves 5.8 Miles

Campgrounds & RV Parks

If driving is your plan, be ready for unforgettable vistas as you drive the historic roads and highways into or out of Haines, all known as the “scenic route”.