Campgrounds & RV Parks

If driving is your plan, be ready for unforgettable vistas as you drive the historic roads and highways into or out of Haines, all known as the “scenic route”.  Bringing your accommodation with you and finding a place to camp for the night won’t be a problem.  Wake up to the sounds of birds chirping while meetings are around a campfire and the only deadline is when to roast marshmallows. Everyone needs to disconnect now and then so forget your day job just for a time and spend the night at nature’s doorstep under a blanket of stars.  

There are three public state parks:

  • Chilkoot State Park is 10 miles Northeast on Lutak Road past the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal.
  • Chilkat State Park is 10 miles South on Mud Bay Road past the cannery, the road going in is a 14% grade dirt road. 
  • Mosquito Lake State Park is 27 miles North on the Haines Highway, only 5 sites, but NO restrooms available.

Chilkat and Chilkoot both consist of around 30 sites and access to a picnic area, latrines, water, and a boat launch connected to the fishing grounds so grab your fishing rod.  They are great for wildlife and sea life viewing; you may want to switch campsite's part way through your stay.  

  • Portage Cove Campground is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

As for private campgrounds there are two out towards the Chilkoot State Park:

  • Salmon Run RV Campground located 6 miles on Lutak Road and has tent sites, hookups and cabins available.
  • Gathering Place located 7 miles on Lutak Road has RV sites and cabins available.,

Want to stay closer to the downtown area?

  • Oceanside RV Park, which is located on Front Street near the inlet.
  • Haines Hitch-up RV Park, which is located on Main Street on the edge of town.

Both within walking distance of shopping and restaurant districts and offering full amenities.

Hiking & Trails

For one to truly experience Haines, it’s best to get out and explore it on foot and to include the hiking trails as part of this adventure.