Pyramid Island

Just a short paddle across from Carrs Cove Haines, this hidden gem feels like another world.

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Haines is a mecca for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors.  The truly majestic scenery comes from the glacier terrain that formed the area many years ago while surrounding it by mountains and water. Rising high above the town are the Tukgahgo Mountains, southwest of Chilkoot Lake, Chilkat Range to the south, Takshanuk Mountains to the north and Coast Range to the east across the Lynn Canal.  The Lynn Canal (Lynn Fjord) once held a glacier but is now one of the longest and deepest fjords in the world and measures 60 miles long and more than 2,000 feet deep.

Heading northwest from Haines, you will find yourself following the Chilkat River highlighting an immense valley carved out by glaciers.  These remnants of Haines’ glacier history surround the area while existing Rainbow and Davidson Glaciers still hang on the Chilkat Range. Although no road connects directly to these glaciers, beautiful views can be seen from Mud Bay Road through Chilkat State Park.  Kayaking or canoeing is an option to enjoy our lakes, inlets, or use them to access our hiking trails, rentals available or bring your own.  Fishing, it's a part of life in Haines.  Sport fisherman join subsistence and commercial fisherman in pursuit of shellfish, salmon, trout and halibut.  Fishing excursions can be organized by local outfitters or you can strike out on your own on the banks or bring your boat and park it in the harbor. 

Hiking & Trails

For one to truly experience Haines, it’s best to get out and explore it on foot and to include the hiking trails as part of this adventure.

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Parks and Gardens

Haines is a breathtaking scenic community.  We are reminded of this daily when we look outside how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful location.

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State Parks & Preserves

Entering on the east side of Haines you will meet up with the Chilkoot Inlet into the Lukat Inlet that steers you towards the Chilkoot River and Lake, which encompasses the Chilkoot State Park.

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Fishing & Boating

If you love salmon, just imagine catching your own! In Haines, Alaska it’s extremely easy to have a memorable fishing experience.

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