Chilkoot Lake

This lake and it's river are popular for wildlife viewing, fishing, kayaking and more.

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Chilkoot Lake

Chilkoot State Park is located 10 miles northeast from town at the foot of the Takshanuk Mountains which is to the west and the Ferebee Glacier to the east. 

During the drive on the Lutak Road you will always be following the Lutak Inlet waterway on the right side, a large number of birds gather here and you will have pull-outs along the way to enjoy the mountainous views and sea life and maybe even catching a glimpse of the state ferry floating by. 

Heading out for the day?  Enjoy the Tanani Point Park, which is about 4 miles out, it has picnic tables, grills, an accessible beach for rock hunting and restrooms are nearby.  Many have taken a piece of driftwood when they leave.  About 1/2-mile past Tanani Beach is our Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal, our highway system connecting our southeast neighbors. 

If you continue 5 more miles, you will meet up with the Chilkoot Bridge which provides the residents at the end of the road access to and from their neighborhood.  Near the bridge the Lutak Inlet narrows and meets up with the Chilkoot River which makes sea life easier to spot and awesome fishing.  Watch for bald eagles along the river while they wait for their meal to show up. In the spring and fall it’s a bird watcher’s paradise, large numbers of shorebirds flock to the mudflats to refuel before continuing their annual migration. This river flows around 20 miles from its source into Lutak Inlet and is one of the more easily reached bear viewing spots in Southeast Alaska. Salmon spawn in the Chilkoot each year, luring brown bears between mid-June and October for a feast, while river otters and seals chase the salmon upstream at high tide for their share.

To access the Chilkoot Lake and Chilkoot Campground you will continue to follow the Chilkoot River another mile up the paved road. The Chilkoot Lake State Recreational area has 30+ campsites, latrines, water pump, picnic shelter, boat ramp, and is surrounded by Sitka Spruce trees and protected by towering mountains.  You approach the Chilkoot Lake from the park area which has a ramp for unloading your gear and small watercraft. The lake is a popular location for camping, kayaking, canoeing, fishing and more.

Kayaking & Canoeing

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