Winter Activities

Salmon can still be caught through November, and the terrain surrounding Haines is world-class for skiing and more.

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In The Winter

Some like it let’s not forget about winter! Come visit when the snow falls and the lights dance. Living by the water keeps the temperature friendly enough to get out and enjoy the winter without all the clothing layers. As the snow gathers the surrounding area, join the locals on the trails. We have snow sports, ice fishing, ice skating, and ice climbing. Bring your cross-country skis, snowboard and/or snowshoes, if you don’t have any our local businesses offer equipment for sale or rent. Want to go a bit extreme? Our local companies offer heli-skiing in prime locations that are off the road system, choose your thrill driver.

In The Winter

Deciding to visit in the winter and enjoy our winter activities, don't worry there is still plenty of accommodations to choose from.