Explore Haines, Alaska

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Plan Your Visit

Visiting Haines, Alaska can be an exciting adventure, but it does require some careful planning. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you plan your visit:

  1. Determine Your Length of Stay: Decide how long you want to stay in Haines. The duration of your visit will impact your itinerary and accommodations.

  2. Accommodations: Research and book your accommodations in advance. Haines offers a range of options, from hotels and lodges to campgrounds and vacation rentals. Make reservations early, especially during the peak tourist season.

  3. Explore the Inside Passage: Haines is an excellent home base for exploring the Inside Passage of Southeast Alaska. Research the nearby communities and attractions, such as Skagway and Juneau. Be sure to consider the following activities:

    • Whale watching
    • Hiking and outdoor adventures
    • Cultural experiences, such as indigenous art and history
    • Wildlife viewing
    • Scenic drives
  4. Transportation: Most towns in the Inside Passage are not accessible by road. You'll need to plan on using planes or ferries to get around. Check the schedules and availability of these transportation options and book tickets as needed.

  5. Travel to Alaska: If you plan to explore other parts of Alaska, you can drive north on the Haines Highway. Keep in mind that this route takes you through Canada, so ensure you have your passport ready and any necessary travel documents.

  6. Explore the Wilderness: Alaska is renowned for its natural beauty, so take the time to explore the pristine wilderness. Some recommended activities include:

    • Hiking and camping in the mountains
    • Canoeing or kayaking in the waterways
    • Fishing in crystal clear lakes
    • Wildlife photography and observation
    • Enjoying scenic vistas and photography
  7. Plan for Future Visits: Alaska is a vast and diverse state, and it's unlikely you'll see everything in one trip. Consider this visit as a starting point and plan to return in the future to explore other regions and attractions.

  8. Check Local Regulations: Be sure to check any local regulations or guidelines, especially those related to wildlife encounters and safety in the wilderness. Respect the environment and wildlife during your visit.

  9. Pack Accordingly: Make sure you pack appropriate clothing and gear for the weather and activities you plan to engage in. Alaska's climate can be quite varied, so prepare for all conditions.

  10. Local Events and Festivals: Check for any local events or festivals happening during your visit, as they can provide unique cultural experiences and entertainment.

Remember to check the most up-to-date information and any travel advisories before your visit. Enjoy your trip to Haines and the beautiful Inside Passage of Alaska!

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