Trails Report

Winter Edition

Winter Trail Report

Discover the pulse of Haines, Alaska's winter wonderland with our Winter Trail Report. Stay ahead of the curve with real-time updates on trail conditions, grooming schedules, and essential details for your outdoor adventures. Whether you're an avid skier, snowshoer, or simply seeking a serene winter stroll, our comprehensive report ensures you're equipped with the latest information to make the most of your time on the trails.

The Winter Trials Report is brought to you by Haines Huts and Trails and the Nordic Pulse App.


Chilkat Valley Winter Trails


Haines Townsite Winter Trails

Explore the picturesque trails around downtown Haines, including the Fairground loops, the Takshanuk Watershed Council Connector, and Jones Point.

To access the Fairgrounds Trails, park at the Fair and head up the hill behind Harriet Hall. The TWC and Jones Point Trails are accessible by parking at the end of Wellfield Rd or at the Takshunak Watershed Council Parking Lot on Sawmill Rd.




Chilkat State Park Road

Experience the beauty of a scenic skiing journey along Chilkat State Park Road and Campground, offering a thrilling downhill stretch leading to a campground loop and coastal access.

To access this trail, follow Mud Bay Road to Chilkat State Park Road. Although the road isn't maintained by the State or Borough, local volunteers frequently undertake plowing efforts. We kindly ask for your consideration when parking, depending on the plowing situation.




Chilkat Upper Valley Winter Trails

Discover pristine ski trails located at 25 Mile Haines Highway and Mosquito Lake.

For access to the 25 Mile trails, park at the DOT lot and Sandpile at 25 Mile Haines Highway, situated just 1 mile north of the Wells Bridge. The trails commence behind the Wilderness Memorial Kiosk.

To ski on Mosquito Lake, drive to the plowed pullout on Mosquito Lake Road and access via the state park boat launch. We kindly ask that you respect the area residents when parking and accessing the lake.



Chilkoot River Trail

Enjoy a picturesque skiing adventure along the serene Chilkoot River and Chilkoot Lake in the Chilkoot State Recreational Area.

To access this trail, drive to the end of Lutak Road and park at the beginning of Chilkoot Lake Road. We kindly ask for your awareness of adjacent private landowners and residents when parking in this area.



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Heli Skiing

Discover unmatched heli-skiing in Alaska's Haines! With world-class terrain and stunning views, it's the ultimate winter playground for all levels of enthusiasts.

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