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Our community has become a wedding destination, surrounded by a natural setting that is nestled in North America’s deepest fjord and the beautiful backdrop of the Chilkat Range.  Picking a location won’t be a problem because you can’t go wrong, the possibilities are endless.

Haines enjoys a mild climate and some of the sunniest weather in Southeast Alaska.  Temperatures range from +50 to 70 degrees F in the summer and +10 to +35 degrees F in winter.  Average annual precipitation is 52” and average annual snowfall is 133”.  Choosing your season might be the hardest decision to make, colors change with the seasons. 

One of 3 communities in Southeast Alaska with road access to the lower 48.  Haines is 85 air miles north of the capital city of Juneau and about 600 air miles southeast of Anchorage and Fairbanks.  It is connected by road to the interior of Alaska and the continental United States by the Alaska Canada (Alcan) Highway.  So accessing Haines won’t be a problem, just pick your port of entry.  

Population around 2500, this charming and genuine down-to-earth community is inescapable from the sounds of music and laughter at every town event, to the enticing aromas of cuisine restaurants tempting you at every turn, to experiencing our rich diversity in local museums and galleries.  Haines is known as “Alaska’s Best Kept Secret”, so plan on extending your stay so you can explore beyond the town square to capture all that Haines has to offer. 

Request a wedding destination planner, we await your arrival for your special occasion.

No matter what the size of the wedding or reception, Haines’ venues can accommodate you for your special day.

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Haines has a selection of vendors to help you make your day special, from cakes to catering.

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So you are bringing a group to town and would like to stay close to one another while having the amenities to be comfortable and a place to rest your...

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If you are planning to dine out with a large group, make sure to make a reservation so everyone can be accommodated.

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Destination Wedding. Our community is surrounded by a natural setting that is nestled in North America’s deepest fjord and the beautiful...

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