Museums & History

The history and strong cultural ties of Haines is truly fascinating, from the Dalton Trail, the Presbyterian missionaries and Historic Fort Seward which all had a hand forming Haines.  If you’re a history buff make sure to visit all five of our museums.   Haines Sheldon Museum and Cultural Center in town, archives to answer all your questions and informative displays. Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Center 22 miles Haines Highway, where the past comes alive.  In the Historical Fort Seward area, you can see native carvers and artists at the Alaska Indian Arts and learn about the military hospital that houses these artists.  

For the history of the hammer (the tool), visit The Hammer Museum, the only one of its kind in North America.  Want to see something on the wild side?  The American Bald Eagle Foundation gives you a great opportunity to learn more about the amazing raptors and a chance to meet some of their residents.

About Haines

The history and culture of Haines is truly fascinating. From the Dalton Trail and Historic Fort Seward to the Presbyterian mission that founded the townsite of Haines, if you’re a history buff the past comes alive at the Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center.