@Mark Bouldoukian

Eagle Vision Unveiled:

Photography with Mark Bouldoukian

Chilkat Center for the Arts / Saturday, November 11th @ 6pm


Join Mark Bouldoukian, a wildlife and landscape photographer based in Fresno, California, as he takes guests on a visual journey through his lens and shares his experiences photographing the majestic eagles in Haines.

Mark will showcase a curated slideshow of his finest work, offering insights into his photography techniques and providing valuable tips for capturing the perfect shots. His passion for wildlife and nature photography has earned him recognition on esteemed platforms such as Discovery, Nat Geo Your Shot, Instagram, Canon USA, Beautiful Destinations, and more.

Beyond his photography, Mark's mission is to inspire people to explore and appreciate the wonders of our planet. As part of this commitment, he will be sharing his experiences with us on Instagram, introducing his followers to the captivating beauty of Haines and the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival.

Don't miss this opportunity to see the world through Mark Bouldoukian's lens and gain a deeper appreciation for the stunning eagles of Haines and the beauty of nature.


Check out Mark's work:
Mark Bouldoukian Photography & Markian.b on instagram