Local Services

Haines, with its population of approximately 2,400 people, may be a small community, but it offers a range of local services to meet residents' and visitors' needs. Here are some of the services you can find in Haines:

  1. Hair Salons: Local hair salons are available and accept walk-ins, so you can take care of your grooming needs during your visit.

  2. Grocery Stores: There are a couple of grocery stores in Haines where you can stock up on essentials and local products. This is especially convenient for those staying in vacation rentals or campgrounds.

  3. Mechanic Shops: For any automotive needs, including repairs and maintenance, there are mechanic shops to keep your vehicle in working order.

  4. Outdoor Gear Stores: Given Haines' location in the stunning wilderness of Alaska, outdoor enthusiasts can find stores that offer outdoor gear and equipment for various activities like hiking, fishing, and camping.

  5. Local Real Estate Office: If you're considering a more long-term stay or relocation to Haines, you can visit the local real estate office for information on properties available in the area.

  6. Dental and Medical Clinic: Haines provides dental and medical services to address any healthcare needs. This is important for both residents and visitors who may require medical attention during their stay.

These local services are essential for both residents and tourists, ensuring that the community is well-equipped to provide for various needs. Whether you're a short-term visitor or considering making Haines your home, you'll find these services convenient for your daily living and well-being.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting Haines will take some planning, but once you get here, you will be happy you did. There are many ways to get here. Find out which one suits you best!