Lutak Inlet to Chilkoot Lake

Embark on a stunning cycling adventure along Lutak Road, beginning in Haines heading out along the picturesque Lutak Inlet. Pedal along a flat, paved route nestled amidst steep fjord walls, offering glimpses of bald eagles, salmon, whales, sea lions, seals, and the occasional bear. Ride to the inlet's end, where the Chilkoot River meets the ocean, attracting salmon on their ancestral journey to spawning grounds.

Continue tracing the river's path to Chilkoot Lake, a breathtaking 3-mile expanse framed by glacier-capped peaks. Revel in the panoramic views of the emerald lake, adorned by glaciers, waterfalls, and rugged mountains. This ride in Haines, Alaska, merges invigorating exercise with the pristine Alaskan outdoors.

For the optimal experience, set off in the morning to relish the scenery before the sun hides behind the ridgeline. Exercise caution and keep an eye out for bears. Return to town using the same enchanting route, totaling 11.1 miles.