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  The area around Haines is populated with a variety of wildlife such as moose, mountain goats, wolves and coyote, lynx, marten, wolverine and bears. Haines is also home one of the largest annual congregation of American Bald Eagles in North America in the late fall.
While the possibilities for fantastic wildlife viewing on your own are limitless, for the best experience, we highly recommend connecting with one of our local tour operators. Tour operators not only know where to go but they are also better able to help you reach more remote areas, assuring you great photo opportunities.
Haines provides some of the best
and most easily accessed brown bear viewing experiences in all of Alaska! However, your safety and the well being of the bears is dependent upon everyone following some simple rules:
• Stay AT LEAST 350 feet away from any bears!
• Do not crowd bears or pressure them in any way by blocking their path or getting too close to them.
• Stay away from the fishing weir at all times!
• Do not block other guests access to the water or boat ramps.
• Keep traffic flowing by not blocking roadways.

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