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History and Culture
“Sh_tugaa haa ditee haat yeegoodi” (We are grateful you have come). - Tlingit phrase
The history of the Haines community is rich in culture beginning with the very firstsettlersofthevalley,theTlingitpeople. ThecultureoftheTlingitpeople is celebrated throughout the community with totems and works of art on build- ings. We also recommend you visit the Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center at the Tlingit village of Klukwan on Haines Highway for an in-depth look at Tlingit customs, stories and artifacts.
Fort William H. Seward, one of the earliest military bases in Alaska, sits above the Port Chilkoot dock. The decommissioned military base, an iconic image for first time visitors by sea, is now populated with shops, restaurants and art gal- leries. A visit to the fort is a lesson in history while offering plenty of shopping opportunities for those who enjoy shopping.
There are also several museums to experience; The Hammer Museum, a quirky tribute to hammers. The Haines Sheldon Museum, a nationally recognized historical museum; and the American Bald Eagle Foundation Natural History Museum and Raptor Center dedicated to our national bird.
No matter what kind of history interests you, Haines offers plenty of ways to learn more about our unique SE Alaskan Community.
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