Chilkat Valley Preschool

Local Preschool in Haines

33 Mission Street
PO Box 1165
Haines, AK 99827
PH/FAX: 907-766-3213

Driving the Golden Circle by Glen Petrie

How no-frills will you go to see Alaska's smaller port towns?

Chilkat River Adventures Promo Video

Southeast Alaska's Lifeline

No matter what you call us; Alaska Inside Passage, Alaska Panhandle or Southeast Alaska, the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System is our lifeline.

Wildlife Whisperer

2017 Marty Fowler

2017 - Freeskier Highlights Local Business

2017 - Virtural TimeNSpace Gallery

Enjoy local photographer Tom Ganner's virtual gallery.

2017 - Ulitmate Food Festivals in Alaska

Accord Marketing Ltd., writer Dawn Stephens-Borg's article on the Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival in Haines highlights the tasty gourmet beer banquet that starts the festival off on Friday night.

Alaska State Road Map

2017 - Historical hospitality and more in Haines

2016 - 21 Most Beautiful Romantic Places to Visit in Alaska

Wanting that romantic getaway?  Haines is the place!

2016 Vogue

Port Chilkoot Distillery and Haines Brewing Company is highlighted by writer Michaela Trimble's recent visit.

2016 - Day of the Moose

A great read and video from local Tom Ganner.

2016 - Kristi Marcelle

History, Hollywood and Adventure in Haines, Alaska by Kristi Marcelle

2016 - Tiny town of Haines....

Tiny town of Haines, Alaska offers suds, not tourist duds.  Article by Jennifer Foden/For Metro.

Have 36 Hours in Haines?

Do you have 36 hours to spend in Haines?  Here is one writer's view of things to do.

2015 - PRI on Small-Town Obituary Writer

Heather Lende's take on an obituary writer for Haines

2015 - Ski town-made spirits #6

2015 - Hammer Museum gets Round Six Bucket List Worthy

Lucas Aykroyd lists the Hammer Museum as bucket list worthy #6

2015 - Most Beautiful Towns in Alaska...

Haines is #10!

"Read More"

2015 - Alaska Airlines Beyond-October issue

Renee Brinks'Alaska brewing and distilling piece in the October issue

2015 - Awesome Things to do in Alaska

2015 Five Reasons why Russia should never have sold Alaska to the U.S.

2015- Flickriver: Most Interesting Photos Tagged with Haines, Alaska

2014 - Southeast's Sourdough

Angela Goodwin writes about local Leo Smith's love for the Alcan 200 in Alaska Snowrider.

2012 - Great Places to Celebrate Animals

USA article featuring the American Bald Eagle Foundation's Eagle Festival in November.

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2012 - Dengler Images

Images of Haines, Chilkat and Chilkoot Rivers, Chilkoot Lake, and Chilkat Valley in southeast Alaska


Images of bald eagles photographed on the Chilkat River and Chilkoot River


Bald eagles and snow converge on the Chilkat River 


Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve offers close-up look at a magnificent bird


The Chilkat River is a Mecca for bald eagles

2011 - Triporati: Haines (Winter) - Destination Guide

— Don Pitcher for Triporati

Located along a deep fjord in northern Southeast Alaska, the town of Haines (pop. 1,400) straddles a narrow peninsula. Out front is Chilkoot Inlet and directly behind lies the wide Chilkat River and towering peaks of the Chilkat Range. Historic Fort Seward — built in the early 1900s — is a focal point, with its white Victorian buildings, spacious parade grounds, and master totem carvers at Alaska Indian Arts. The town is also home to a couple of museums, including the unique Hammer Museum with more than 1,500 hammers of all shapes and sizes. The Haines Highway — one of the only roads out of Southeast Alaska — leads north, paralleling the ...

2011 - AmiercA Magazine (Dutch): Haines en Skagway Tegenpolen in een subliem bergdecor

Herfst 2011

...Haines - op nog geen uurtje varen can Skagway - is een andere havenplaats in het zuidoosten van Alaska. Landschappelijk kan se plaats zich zonder problemen met Skagway meten, want ook Haines wordt bijna omarmd door een prachtige bergwereld. Maar met slechts één cruiseschip in de week ontbreken hier de grote mensenmassa's. ...


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2011 - It Takes a Leap of Faith to Pan for Gold at Porcupine Creek

...On Tuesday I got the privilege of flying over to Skagway with Drake, in what we endearingly call “a puddle jumper”.  That is like going on a tour itself.  The views of Haines and the Lynn Canal are amazing from the air. It didn’t hurt to have some very knowledgeable guides on board who could point out the flow and pattern of the Glaciers in the area....

2010 - Oregonian: 'Gold Rush': Discovery Channel show follows six Portland-Area Men Who Search for Gold in Alaska

November 2010

Sometimes when the going gets tough, the tough guys go to Alaska. ...

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2010 - Airstream2305

By Airstream2305

Every stop we made in Alaska had something unique; history, scenery, community, glaciers, rivers, etc. Of all these, I think Haines would be the place I would live, if I moved to Alaska. Haines is a small town, about 2000 in the winter. ...

2010 - Kenneth Chan Photography

By Kenneth
Alaska Wildlife 2010. Hunting for wildlife in Alaska. These critters were found at the Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, AK. Much thanks to Stephen Kroschel and Mario Benassi for their time, expertise, and love of Alaska's natural ...

2010 - On The Road Again

By Ian's Blog

Tuesday, Aug 31st - by the side of Lutak Inlet, Haines. AK We make it to Haines easily enough, but our plans to camp at Chilkat State Park are stymied by a 14% grade on a dirt entrance road and the promise of five days of rain. ...

2010 - Alyeska The Great Land

By The Traveling Helwig's

We have been in Haines, Alaska for the last four days. Haines is another harbor completely surrounded by mountains. We leave tomorrow, Friday for Hyder, Alaska. We have to go back through Yukon Territory and British Columbia and it will ...

2010 - Kayaking for a Cause

By Doug

This is a kayak trip that will begin in Seattle, Washington and end in Haines, Alaska. Starting mid-May 2010 and stretching approximately 1300 miles through the Inside Passage it will take from 3-4 months to complete. ...

2010 - Exploring Haines

By TravelPod member kbandjb

A pleasant night and the promise of another sunny day; what more could a person ask for? Today was the drive down to Haines, AK...

Since there is a lull in the travel action, I’ll play advocate for the Haines Chamber of Commerce and give them their 15 seconds of fame. The history of the valley where Haines is presently located goes back beyond...
Our objectives today were to visit the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, drive out to the 14 miles to the Chilkat Peninsula State Park and go back to the Chilkoot River for more bear viewing. I know it looks like a typing mistake...
Well today will be the day we step off of Alaskan soil to board the ferry for our four day ride back to the lower Forty-Eight. Alaska has been surprising, interesting, and educational; for me...

2010 - Traveling with Dick, Beth and Moe: Haines, Alaska / Bear Country

By Traveling with Dick, Beth, and Moe

Our travels take us into Canada and then back to Alaska to Haines, North America's longest and deepest fjord. Historic Fort William Seward is in town and was used during World War I and II as a training base for Alaska recruits. ...

2010 - Summer Camp Haines Alaska

By Dena

Bob is all settled in and ready to spend the summer as Camp Host at Chilkoot Lake State Park - Haines, Alaska. I have documented the 1st two weeks of our trip and included pictures. It takes quite a bit of time to keep a blog updated so ...

2010 - Paul & Helen's Travel's to Alaska

By Paul & Helen

Helen and I have been here in Haines, Alaska for a few days now and, as usual, we're having a good time. Yesterday we took the dogs for a swim at Chilkoot Lake only to find it elbow to elbow with fishermen. ...

2010 - Goodbye to Haines

By Mike & Judy

We have made many new friends here in Haines. When returning from Scagway on the ferry we were met by Roger and Barb Maynard. They turned out to be good friends of a model A owner who had driven to Alaska in her Model A truck in 1953. ...

2010 - A Morning in Haines

By Elizabeth

Our next port of call was Haines; another small, historic fishing town along the inside passage. Haines is also home to Fort Seward, a military post that was.

2010 - WA Today: Glaciers in a Go-Fly Zone

March 2010
Ben Hall discovers Alaska's grand wilderness at sea level and from on high.

2010 - Bach Traveling Time: Haines Alaska

By Bach Travels

Haines Alaska - my favorite place in Alaska...

2010 - Sydney Morning Herald

Blow by Blow Hisotry at Hand
January 17, 2010
Ben Hall stumbles upon intrigue and danger in an Alaskan house of hammers.

2010 - Judy Bingman Photography

Early morning in Haines, Alaska, while waiting for the sunrise this orange glow appeared in the trees. We watched and photographed as it moved across the river.

2009 - Brendan Preston Photography

Every fall my old man and I try to make it to Haines, Alaska for the Coho run. The weather is brisk, the mountains are snowy and the eagles and bears are fat from feasting all summer. This year we were accompanied by my girlfriend and a co-worker....and of course, my girlfriend took home the biggest fish! A story that quickly circulated around the office and one sure I haven't heard the last of.  I didn't upload the pictures of her trophy, but it was about 20 lbs! Enjoy these other pics. Oh, I've also included a few pictures from last year.

2009 - On the Road to Haines, Alaska

Haines is known for its bear and eagle sightings. Maybe we will have some more luck with the right camera.

2009 - Up North: Haines, AK

By Susan Emerald

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but as soon as we hit the AK Side, the scenery was gorgeous!  No more blasted, withering landscape of the Yukon.  There was hige trees (Cottonwood, I believe) that looked heathy, lots of lush undergrowth, and that fresh ocean smell.  I was impressed!

2009 - Jerry & Mary North to Alaska

By Jerry & Mary

We stopped first at the American Bald Eagle Foundation and toured the small facility. We learned that nearly 3,000 bald eagles gather along a four mile stretch of the Chilkat River, close to Haines, every fall to feast on the late salmon run. ...

2009 - Living in Alaska - Life in the Last Frontier

By Susan Stevenson

The river and lake are known for good fishing opportunities, and where there’s good fishing, there’s bound to be bears. We were told by several folks to visit the park near sundown for a chance to see the bears fishing - especially near the weir which is operated by the Alaska Dept of Fish & Game. ...

2009 - The Globe and Mail: Green Cruises in Alaska

August 2009

...When not viewing mountains and glaciers, we stopped in gold rush outports Skagway, Ketchikan and Haines, which would probably have dried up and blown away long ago if it hadn't been for the tourist boom. ...

2009 - Alaskan Highway Motorcycle Adventure

By Doug

The ride today was gorgeous despite the wet crossing through the mountains. We could see the rain coming before it hit, and it got so dark at one point that we both stopped to take sunglasses off so we could see through the, cloud....

2009 - Alaska Travel Journal

By Linda Kauffman
Linda Kauffman's 2009 Alaska Journal entries for Haines, Alaska from June 22 - 24....

2005 - Food and Wine: Hooked on Alaska

July 2005

...One day later, in Haines, we opt for a fishing expedition of an entirely different sort. A giddy ride aboard a converted school bus delivers us to the 48,000-acre Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, which has nearly 100 nests. But in the fall, locals say, as many as 3,000 bald eagles gather here for the "Congregation," when they feed off the enormous fish population that migrates up the Chilkat River. ...

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2004 - Outside Magazine: Best Towns 2004

August 2004

Seeking an underpopulated—and undiscovered—slice of paradise? Drop in to any of our 20 adventure towns, from burly Haines, Alaska, to serene Cedar Key, Florida, where you'll find cush, affordable base camps for spontaneous long weekends or a lifetime of wild fun.

2004 - The Seattle Times: Bears, Bald Eagles and Ball Peen Hammers in Haines

February 2004

HAINES, Alaska — Dave Pahl has a museum on Main Street featuring more than 1,200 kinds of hammers.

"I like hammers." ...

2003 - Juneau Empire: Haines Featured Travel Destination in New York Times

August 2003

...The New York Times article, which is appearing in other newspapers nationwide through the New York Times News Service, will help Haines foster a reputation as a haven for independent travelers, Glass said....

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2003 - Live, It's Northern Exposure...

The New York Times article by Cheryll Aimee Barron is a good read.

2008 Snow'newS

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska.

2009 Almost Live - Episode 16 - Deep Steep AK Spines

2009 Amazing Footage Shows Skier Buried in Avalanche

The amazing video, taken from the skier’s helmet camera, shows him take off down the slope before being swept up and buried in the avalanche.

2009 Movie of the Month: In Deep

In Deep features many stellar athletes including Kaj Zakrisson, Hugo Harrisson, Mark Abma, Mike Douglas, JT Holmes, and many more. Segments were filmed from many places around the world including Squaw Valley, Keystone, British Columbia, Italy, Haines, Sweden, and Crested Butte.

2010 Vimeo - Haines, Alaska Backcountry

Snowmachine and heli access snowboard video from Haines, Alaska.

2011 Alaska Mountain Flying Service Glacier Bay Flight

2012 Alaska Mountain Flying Service

From the Pacific Beach to the top of Mt. Fairweather

2012 Alaska Mountain Flying Service Film

2014 Visit Haines on two wheels...

Enjoy a visitor's two wheel look on Haines.

2014 Work and Play Haines

By local Libby Jacobson

2015 Alaska Bald Eagle Festival

2015's Alaska Bald Eagle Festival Dancers perform at the Flight for Freedom Eagle Release.

2016 Chilkat River Adventures Tour

Join one of our great tours that Haines has to offer!

2016 Freeride World Tour Action!

2016 Swatch Freeride World Tour Action!

2016 Kluane Bike Relay

Thank you Mitchell Heynen for this video of the 2016 Kluane Bike Relay!

2016 Marty Fowler's Haines Adventure

Haines Junior Marty Fowler explores Haines through his lens, great job!

33-MILE ROADHOUSE & RECREATION - 33 Mile Roadhouse

33-mile Roadhouse has snowmachine rentals available.  Cabins with kitchenettes that sleep from 2 to 10.
Rates by night, week and month, $126 and up.  Open year round.  RV & tent camping seasonal. 

33 Mile Haines Highway
HC 60, Box 3300
Haines, AK  99827
(907) 767-5510

33-MILE ROADHOUSE CAFE' - 33 Mile Roadhouse

Located at 33 mile, Haines Highway. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Open year round.

HC 60, Box 3300
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 767-5510

A Sheltered Harbor B & B

Cozy rooms located on waterfront, private baths, TV and full hot breakfast (fridge/microwave/coffee maker available).  Private guest entrance and plenty off road parking. Seasonal, May - September.

Byron or Laura Rettinger

57 Beach Rd.
PO Box 806
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2741
Winter Phone: 269-367-4561
Cell Phone: 616-901-3982

Alaska Backcountry Outfitter

Quality adventure gear.  Hiking, camping, climbing, paddling gear, clothing, and gifts.  Skateboard, ski, snowboard and snowshoe sales, service and rentals.  Winter preparedness and safety assistance.  Gear maintenance and repair tech.  Open year round.

111 2nd Ave. S
PO Box 491Haines, AK  99827
907-766-2876 PH
907-766-2844 FAX

Alaska Backcountry Outfitter Store

Ski, snowboard and snowshoe rentals and sales.  Winter preparedness & safety assistance.
Sales, service, and rentals.  Gear maintenance and repair tech.
Open year round.

Located at 111 2nd Ave.
PO Box 491
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2876
Fax (907) 766-2844

Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

Haines is home to the largest congregation of American Bald Eagles in the world in the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, created by the State of Alaska in 1982.   The preserve occupies 48,000 acres of prime American Bald Eagle habitat along the muddy bottom lands of the Chilkat River.  During the summer the river runs high and fast with glacial waters from the surrounding mountain peaks, but during the late fall and early winter the Chilkat River remains unfrozen and American Bald Eagles gather to feed on late salmon spawning runs.  A highlight of driving the beautiful Haines Highway between 18 and 24 mile is sighting trees heavily laden with these beautiful birds.  During the month of November and the peak gathering of birds of up to 3000 individuals, the American Bald Eagle Foundation hosts the Alaska Bald Eagle Festival, a week long festival that draws photographers from all over the world to capture these majestic birds.  A part of these festivities include opportunities to learn about eagles, photography safaris, and releases of rehabilitated eagles back into the wild.  


Alaska Fair Chase Guiding

Guided hunts for Brown Bears, Black Bears, Mountain Goats and Wolves.  Seasonal, Spring April - June, Fall September - December.

Box 1425
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 767-5775

Alaska Fjordlines, Inc.

Box 246
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3395
Phone (800) 320-0146
Fax (866) 279-8206

Alaska Guardhouse Lodging

We have 4 rooms for your lodging pleasure, 3 with private baths. Included in your stay is a view of the Lynn Canal & Santa Claus Mountain, the use of the main floor, porch and backyard area, free Wi-Fi and continental breakfast. Within walking distance of town, local shops, art galleries and museums. Phyllis Sage & Joanne Waterman, your hosts in Haines.  Open year round.

PO Box 853
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2566
Phone (866) 290-7445

Alaska Heli-Skiing

Experience the ultimate adventure of helicopter skiing and snowboarding in Alaska's most pristine mountains.

PO Box 1448
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (877) SKI HAINES

Alaska Indian Arts, Inc.

Historic #13 Fort Seward Dr.
PO Box 271
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2160

Alaska Marine Highway

The Alaska Marine Highway System has been operating year-round since 1963, with regularly scheduled passenger and vehicle service to 33 communities in Alaska, plus Bellingham, Washington, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. There are currently eleven vessels in the AMHS fleet, additional ferries have been planned.

Sailings year round.

Haines Ferry Terminal
2112 Lutak Road
Haines, AK  99827
Haines Terminal: Phone (907) 766-2111
Reservations: Phone (800) 642-0066
Administration: Phone (907) 228-7255
FAX: Phone (907) 465-8824

Alaska Mountain Guides and Climbing School, Inc.

Offices in Haines, Skagway, Gustavus, Alta, Utah and Cozumel & La Paz, Mexico.  Custom Trip Specialists: Sea kayaking, hiking, glacier trekking, rock and ice climbing, and more. Perfect for families. 
Also featuring:  International Wilderness Leadership School 800-985-4957
and Mountain Guides International 800-766-3396.

Located in Fort Seward
Box 1081
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3366
Phone (800) 766-3396

Alaska Native Brotherhood and Alaska Native Sisterhood Hall

Year-round banquet and conference facility.  Reception seating 200 and banquet seating 150.  Kitchen available. 

111 1st Ave.
PO Box 932
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2210

Alaska Nature Tours

Professional  naturalists provide guided nature tours, hiking adventures, bird watching and wildlife photography expeditions in Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and Chilkoot Lake.  Brown Bear & eagle viewing.  Kayak and canoe rentals (May-Sept).  Open year-round

111 2nd Ave S
PO Box 491
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2876

Alaska Nature Tours

Guided winter wildlife viewing, photography, birding and nature tours focusing on the world's largest concentration of bald eagles, November through January, in the eagle preserve.  Day tours & multi-day complete packages. 
Open year round.

111 2nd Ave.
PO Box 491
Haines, AK  99827
907-766-2876 PH
907-766-2876 FAX

Alaska River Outfitters

Specializing in logistics & outfitting for the Tatshenshini and Alsek River trips.  We offer put-in transportation, full raft outfitting & food pack.  Our mission is to provide you with high quality expedition rated gear and local expertise.  Seasonal (June 1st - Sept. 1st)

Phone (907) 314-0340

Alaska Rod's

Main and 2nd St
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2352

Alaska Seaplanes

Year-round scheduled flights and charter service available.  Connecting Haines with Skagway, Juneau, Gustavus, Sitka, Hoonah, Kake, Angoon, Tenakee, Pelican, Elfin Cove and Excursion Inlet.  Flightseeing and Pack Creek Bear Tours available. Our office is located 4 mile Haines Highway at the airport.  Glacier Bay tours available.

4 Mile Haines Highway
Haines, AK 99827
1873 Shell Simmons Dr. Suite 110
Juneau, AK  99801
Haines PH: 907-766-3800
Juneau PH: 907-789-3331

Alaska Sport Shop

We have camping, fishing,and hunting supplies along with  Alaska, Yukon and B.C. fishing licenses.  We carry Helly Hansen, Xtra Tuff boots, Oakley, Hodgman, Carhartt and more.

420 Main St
PO Box 1069
Haines, AK  99827
PH 907-766-2441

Alaska Sport Shop

Camping, fishing and hunting supplies including Helly Hansen, Xtra Tuff boots, Oakley, Hodgman, Carhartt and more.  Selling Alaska, Yukon and BC fishing licenses.  Open year round.

Box 1069
420 Main Street
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2441

Alaska Wild Bear Photography

Fine art photographic prints.  Located across from Cruise Ship Dock. 

PO Box 549
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-767-5410

Alaskan Liquor Store

Located on Main Street. Specialty liquors, microbrews, and fine wine headquarters of Haines.  Cigarettes and local information.  Open year-round.

208 Main St.
Box 1309
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3131

Alpenglow Restaurant

Serving wood fired pizza and gourmet salads on Main Street

214 Main Street
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2962

American Bald Eagle Foundation



PO Box 49
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3094
Fax (907) 766-3095

American Bald Eagle Foundation Hall

Year-round banquet and conference facility.  Reception seating 300 and banquet seating 150.  Kitchen available. 

115 Haines Highway
PO Box 49
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3094

American Legion Hall

A Veterans and Military Organization that provides men and women with services.  Year-round banquet and conference facility.  Reception seating 250 and banquet seating 120.  Kitchen available and tavern is located on premises.

2nd Ave. and Dalton St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2575 OR 907-766-2530

Ampersand AK

Alaskan Art, Handmade gifts, ceramics, jewelry, vintage, and more.

221 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3031

Antelope Arts

Treasure exists all around her.  Andrea sees it in rust, dirt, bones, corny figurines, nickel toys, diner menus and other relics that wear the weight of their past.  After finding objects that interest her, she incorporates them into a bigger whole that highlights their uniqueness.

Art on Main Street

An art gallery highlighting artists in Haines

219 Main St.
PO Box 633
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-0222

Aspen Suites Hotel

409 Main St.,
Haines, AK  99827
PH: 907-766-2211 Fax: 907-766-3288  Toll Free:  1866-483-7848

Attic, The

Located on Second Avenue across from the Visitor's Center, this delightful second floor apartment with private deck and great views is the perfect getaway for a weekend, week or longer. The unit has two bedrooms with one queen bed in the master bedroom and a trundle bed in the second bedroom. It is equipped with a full kitchen, full bath, all linens, internet, cable TV and is easy walking distance to museums, shops, boat harbor, beach and restaurants. No smoking, no pets. Weekly maid service. 
Open year round.

PO Box 946
115B 2nd Ave. S.
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2681
Phone (800) 572-8006

Auggie Doggie K-9 Bed Bug Detection Service

Independent contractor Carrie Kinison will inspect, educate and perform maintenance for residential or commercial property. 

Carrie Kinison
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-767-5676


Located at Hotel Halsingland in Fort Seward, look for AVIS sign.  NOW OPEN for winter rentals at 907-766-2733.

PO Box 1649
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2733
Phone (800) 542-6363 (U.S.)

Babbling Book and Dragon's Nook, The

Located on Main Street between Second and Third Avenues, offering a wide variety of books, cards, toys, maps, journals and other gift items. 
Open year round.

223 Main Street
PO Box 935
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-3356

Bamboo Room Restaurant

Located on 2nd Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner for all ages and appetites.  Famous halibut fish and chips.  Local seafood and freshly ground burgers.  60 years family owned!
Open year round. 

11 Second Ave., N
Box 190
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3440

Beach Roadhouse

Located in a quiet rain forest setting just 1.5 Mile on Beach Road near the Battery Point Trailhead.
2 cabins and 3 rooms with private baths, kitchenettes, and WiFi. 2-night minimum.
Open year round.

PO Box 1651
Haines, AK  99827
Phone 907-766-3060
Phone 866-741-3060

Bear Creek Cabins

Just 1.5 miles from downtown Haines is a great place to stay for visitors looking for a hostel. There are 8 rental cabins available, including a family cabin that sleeps 1 to 6 people with its own bath and shower. We have separate men and women's cabins and communal bath/shower facilities. Kitchen available for use. Seasonal, May through September, and pet friendly.

1.5 Mile Small Tracks Rd
PO Box 908
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2259 or 907-314-3179

Bear Den Gifts

Located on Main Street near the boat harbor, Bear Den Gifts is a large store with Alaskan gifts, carvings, hats, clothing, food products, and more. Life-is-Good line.  Seasonal, April through October. 

8 Main Street
PO Box 361
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (520) 289-6198

Bear Den Suite

Fabulous view of mountains, eagles, and Lynn Canal.  Second floor, full-size apartment.  Patio on roof overlooking marina.  Full kitchen, laundry, satellite TV, wireless and queen bed.  Nearest rental to the marina and close to all services.  Price reduced with extended stay.  Open seasonal, April - October.


PO Box 361
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (520) 289-6198

Bear Star LLC Computer Services

Mac and PC repair and optimization.  Malware and virus removal.  Data recovery, backups and computer consultation.  Web design and hosting services. 

PO Box 123
Haines, AK 99827
PH:  907-766-2082

Bear-Rittos Eatery & Bakery

Located on Main Street near the harbor. Speciality burritos & breakfasts with homemade sauces & breads.  Great burgers and croissant sandwiches.  Open seasonally, March through October.

8 Main Street, Box 361
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (520) 289-6198

Bell's Seafood

Located on Second Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets, Bell's offers the finest in fresh Alaskan seafood:  King Crab, salmon, shrimp, halibut, and ling cod. Alaskan gifts, fresh flowers, and clothing also available. We pack and ship.
Open year round.

22 2nd Ave N.
PO Box 1189
Haines, AK  99827
(907) 766-2950

Beverly House, The

This cozy two bedroom home is conveniently located in historic Fort William H. Seward, within walking distance of everything.  The home has two bedrooms, one with a king bed and one with a full bed, plus a sleeping nook with a twin bed, plus a pull-out couch in the living room.  A fully equipped kitchen, washer and dryer, and full bathroom offer everything you need for a comfortable stay.  Wi-Fi, TV with DVD player.  Dogs are welcome with a $50 pet fee. 

209 Tower Road
Haines, AK  99827
PH: 1800-572-8006

Big Al's Salmon Shack

It doesn't get any fresher. Wild Alaska fish - n- chips, smoked salmon sandwiches, and other local seafood specialities located at 0 Haines Highway, across from the Post Office. Hours: Mon. -  Sat. 11:00 am - 7:00 pm.  Open seasonal, May through September.

0 Haines Highway
Haines, AK  99827
PH: 907-766-2883

Bigfoot Auto Servcie

Napa auto parts.  Complete service department.  RV and marine repairs, tire sales, 24-hr. towing (907-303-0130) and used parts.  Open year round.

PO Box 150
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2458

Blossom by Emily

A floral boutique on Main Street, next to the Hair Shop.  Fall hours: Tues-Sat 12-6 pm. 

402 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3445

Blue Heron House

A luxury home located on the edge of town, the Blue Heron is perfect for family or friends traveling together.  The large gourmet kitchen, elegantly furnished living room with unobstructed views, and cozy sun room/library provide plenty of room for everyone.  Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus a powder room.  Jacuzzi tub.  Washer/dryer.  Wi-Fi.  Beach access.  Absolutely no pets.

100 Lutak Road
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

Body IQ Physical Therapy

Located at the Fort Seward Firehall.  No doctor's referral required and she bills insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.

Fort Seward Firehall
PH:  907-766-2600

Canal Marine Company

Marine and small engine parts & repair.  Auto repair, welding, lawn and garden equipment and snowmachine repairs.  Mechanic on duty. SCUBA diver.
Open year round 6 days a week.

10 Front St
PO Box 1569
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2437

Captain's Choice Car Rentals

Located at Captain's Choice Motel, 2nd Ave. and Dalton Street.  Cars, SUVs and truck rentals.  Available year-round.

PO Box 392
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3111
Phone (800) 478-2345
FAX (907) 766-3332

Captain's Choice Lounge

Year-round banquet and conference facility.  Reception and banquet seating for around 35.  A tavern is located on premises.

108 2nd Ave N
PO Box 392
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3111

Captain's Choice Motel

Forty comfortable rooms and suites; three large, paved, off street parking lots and a furnished outdoor patio overlooking Lynn Fjord for the enjoyment of our guests.  Private bath-shower combinations and hair dryers are standard for all rooms. Free WIFI, cable TV including Showtime movies, 24 hour telephone service, microwave, refrigerator and complimentary coffee and tea.

Box 392
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3111
Phone (800) 478-2345
Fax (907) 766-3332

Caroline's Closet

Contemporary apparel for men and women including the Hanes brand, gifts, and accessories.  Shoe brands include, Nike, Sierra Designs.  Music, Burts Bees, souvenirs & souvenir clothing.  On the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue.  Open year round.

204 Main St.
PO Box 1309
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3223

Catotti and Goldberg Art Studio

Artists Donna Catotti and Rob Goldberg translate Alaska wilderness into paintings, serigraphs, and public art projects that are on display throughout the state. Glicee reproductions of most of their paintings are available.
You can view their work at
Rob Goldberg also makes custom stringed instruments. For more information, visit his site at 
Open year round.


6.5 Mud Bay Road
PO Box 1154
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2707

Chilkat Bakery and Restaurant

Located at 5th Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, with
special Thailand cuisine on Thursdays.  Hours Monday through Saturday, 7 am - 3:30 pm.  Dinner served Friday and Saturday nights from 5 pm - 9 pm.  Seasonal, March through mid-December and mid-January through February.

Box 470
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3653

Chilkat Center for the Arts

Owned by the Haines Borough, the Chilkat Center for the Arts is a multi-purpose facility available for conventions, concerts, plays, dance, film showings, meetings, workshops, community gatherings, exercise classes, radio and television production, and more.

The Chilkat Center for the Arts offers individual studios, conference rooms, an auditorium with professional sound, lighting and movie projection equipment that can seat 300, and a lobby area that can be used for a variety of purposes including exercise classes, intimate concerts, art workshops, potluck dinners, and more. A commercial kitchen is also available.

Public radio station KHNS currently calls the Chilkat Center for the Arts home and manages the use of the facility. For more information, call (907) 766-2020.

PO Box 1004
Haines, Alaska 99827
(907) 766-2020

Chilkat Eagle B & B Inn

Located in historic Fort Seward and within walking distance of local services. You'll enjoy your stay at this historic bed and breakfast. Courtesy van, self-serve breakfast, guest kitchen and laundry facilities, WiFi, private bath by arrangement. Ten percent senior, military and Canadian discounts available.  Open year round.

Box 387
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2763

Chilkat River Adventures


Where the road ends, your adventure begins.  Enjoy a comfortable, scenic jet boat tour in the Bald Eagle Preserve.   Seasonal, May through September.  - See more at:

Box 556
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2050
Phone (800) 478-9827
Fax (907) 766-2051

Chilkat State Park

8 miles south of Haines on Mud Bay Road,  access via dirt road with 14% grade. Very scenic 32 pull-through sites, 3 beachfront tent sites, fire rings, water, toilets, fishing, boat launch, hiking trails, cabin.  Summer hosts provide information & reference materials at log cabin interpretive center.  Views of Rainbow and Davidson Glaciers,  $15/night, season is from May 15 to October 1, meaning bathrooms will get locked.  Gate will close when first snow falls.

Chilkat Valley Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine care.

210 Main St
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3335

Chilkat Valley News

Local newspaper.

300 Main Street, #1
PO Box 630
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2688

Chilkoot Haven

Escape to Chilkoot Haven (formerly the Chilkoot River Lodge) located in the midst of the natural beauty and amazing wildlife of world famous Chilkoot River.  Grizzly bear viewing out your front window, salmon fishing steps away from your door.  With the rainforest as its backdrop, Chilkoot Haven has it all.  Three comfortably appointed rooms.  Each has two queen beds, private bath, and min-kitchenette with fridge, microwave, and coffee maker.  Guests share BBQ grill in the gazebo as they compare notes and trade fishing stories.  Wi-fi, Satellite TV. 

Chilkoot Lake Road
PO Box 243
Haines AK. 99827
PH:  800-572-8006

Chilkoot Lake Tours

PO Box 990
1069 Haines Highway
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-314-0591

Chilkoot State Park

10 miles north of Haines off Lutak Road, very scenic, 32 spaces, some with lake views.  Fire rings, water, toilets, picnic tables, fishing, boat launch.  Summer hosts provide information & reference materials at last site, $15/night, season is from May 15 to October 15.

Cliffhanger Bed & Breakfast

Privately perched high on Mt. Ripinsky, breathtaking views, full breakfast, outdoor whirlpool spa. Seasonal.

Sue Waterhouse
2.2 Mile Haines Highway
PO Box 1445
Haines AK 99827
Phone: 907-314-0099

Coldwell Banker Race Realty

Real estate and homes for sale in Haines, Alaska

Haines, AK  99827

Commander's Room

Reception and banquet seating for 35 at the Commander's Room.  A tavern is located on premises.

#13 Fort Seward Dr
PO Box 1649
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2000

Commander's Room Restaurant and Officers' Club Lounge, The

Located in Fort Seward. Exquisite fish, lamb, rabbit, and beef entrees with starter selections such as duck confit salad, grilled baby artichokes, and eggplant ravioli. Full bar, extensive wine list and exceptional dessert menu.
Additionally, a bar menu is available in the Officers' Club Lounge nightly.  Seasonal, May through mid October.

13 Fort Seward Dr.
P.O. Box 1649
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2000
Phone (800) 542-6363
Fax (907) 766-2060

Cottage in Haines, The

View the waters of the Lynn Canal and the soft blankets of snow over the distant mountains from your private living room. Located an easy walk just two blocks from the heart of Haines this newly remodeled cottage has one bedroom, full kitchen, and a warm fireplace for those winter evenings. Dine at home overlooking the water in a private vacation rental with everything you need. Wi-Fi, TV, no smoking, no pets.  Two night minimum.

PO Box 946
Haines, AK 99827
800 572-8006

Cozy Cove Cottage

This secluded cabin is located right on the beach approx. 10.5 miles from downtown Haines.  Situated at the head of Lutak Inlet and close to the mouth of the famous Chilkoot River for excellent fishing and bear viewing.  Two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, full kitchen, Wi-Fi, satellite TV, washer/dryer.  Two night minimum.  Sleeps 4 adults and 2 children. 

PO Box 645
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006 or 907-314-0466

Dalton City Yarn Emporium

For all your knitting/crocheting needs; yarn, accessories and classes.

788 Hooter Lane, Cathedral View Rd.
PO Box 277
Haines, AK  99827

Dejon Delights Alaska Smokery and Gourmet Gifts

Located at 38  Portage Street in historic Fort Seward, Dejon Delights offers Salmon, halibut and black cod - smoked and fresh.  Custom processing available.  Alaskan-made gifts.  Shipping year-round.  Online store open year round. Storefront open seasonally.

Building 37, Portage Street
PO Box 712
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2505
Phone (800) 539-3608

Dolphin Street Apartment

Secluded one bedroom apartment with private entrance and private bath.  It includes a queen bed and queen pull-out sofa, fully equipped and stocked kitchen and comfortable living room.  It overlooks the scenic Lynn Canal.  There is Direct TV and internet WiFi.  No smoking but pet friendly.  Daily rate is $200 a night with a two day minimum stay and $1000 a week plus 9.5% sales tax.  Full week accommodation rental will qualify you for a full week car rental.   Off season rates available (Oct-April).

1299 Lutak Rd.
PO Box 1336
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3713

Dolphin Street House

This airy house is spacious with a large deck for outside entertaining and enjoying the gorgeous views.  The master bedroom has a king sized bed and private bath.  The second bedroom has a queen sized bed with a full bath plus washer and dryer.  It has a large living area, dining area and fully equipped kitchen.  A downstairs bedroom with queen bed.  The house has Direct TV and WiFi.  No smoking but pet friendly.  Daily rate is $400  a night with a two day minimum stay and $2500 a week plus 9.5% sales tax.  Full week accommodation rental will qualify you for a full week car rental.  Off season rates available (Oct-April).


1299 Lutak Rd.
PO Box 1336
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3713

Duck in Car & RV Wash

Large bays and a coin-operated self-serve car and RV wash conveniently located on Main Street across from Haines Hitch-up RV Park.  Duck in and fly away sparkling clean!

842 Main St
PO Box 556
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2050
FAX (907) 766-2051


Eagle Preserve Floats - Chilkat Guides

Chilkat Guides offer daily raft trips through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve or book an onboard shore excursion which visits Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center.  Also offering mulit-day trips.

Box 170
170 Sawmill Road
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2491
Fax (907) 766-2409

Eagle's Nest Motel

The Eagle's Nest Motel is the friendliest, most accommodating motel in Haines. From a single to a suite this 13-unit establishment provides all your needs, private baths, telephones and cable TV, satelite based WI-FI. The entire property is non-smoking for your comfort.

All rooms have queen sized beds, private telephones, WI-FI and Cable TV. Pets are allowed, but may not be left unattended. Parking is plentiful.

PO Box 250
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2891
Phone (800) 354-6009 (US)
Fax (907) 766-3779

Eldred Rock Lighthouse

The waters in Southeast Alaska's Lynn Canal  are notoriously stormy with many a ship meeting it an untimely ending dashed up against the rugged rock coastlines.  The lighthouse at Eldred Rock was erected  by the US Government in response to several tragedies that occurred in the Upper Lynn Canal.  Most notorious was the Clara Nevada, a ship that sank in 1898 with a reported 75 souls and 850 pounds of gold, ony four of the 75 souls were believed to have survived and none of the supposed gold has ever been located. First lit on June 1, 1906, and decommissioned in 1973, Eldred Rock is the oldest original Alaskan Lighthouse building.  In addition to the lighthouse and quarters, there is a boathouse, tramways and other small outbuildings used for storage and maintenance.  The Haines Sheldon Musuem formed the Eldred Rock Lighthouse Preservation Association with the hopes of restoring and rehabilitating the lighthouse.  As of this time there are currently no tours to Eldred Rock although some water tours get close enough for great photos ops. For more information about the lighthouse, visit the Sheldon Museum's Eldred Rock Lighthouse information page.

Expedition Broker

Alaska's adventure booking agency offering local, firsthand knowledge while planning our travel at no cost to you.  Open year-round.

Haines Highway left of Sawmill Rd., at Takshanuk office
PO Box 1567
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3977
Phone (877) 674-1362

Extreme Dreams Fine Arts Studio-Gallery

Gallery owners John and Sharon Svenson invite you to experience their unique studio-gallery with its spectacular glacier view located just 7 miles out Mud Bay Road. Local artists are usually hard at work on the torch and easel. The gallery showcases a variety of work, including watercolors, flame-worked beads, bronze, wood, glass mosaic mirrors, damascus steel, oil paintings, cast silver, and more. Open year round.

PO Box 449
Haines, AK 99827
Phone/Fax (907) 766-2097

Fair Winds Gallery, The

Alaskan treasures, gifts, art, flavors, and more.

39 Beach Road
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2195

Fairweather Ski Works LLC

All specialized custom handcrafted skis and splitboards are made from local wood from the Chilkat Valley.  Seasonal. 

Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-980-1745

Fireweed Restaurant

Located in historic Fort Seward with views of Lynn Canal.  Fresh baked pizza & desserts.  Soups, salads and local seafood.  Beer & wine.  Lunch & dinner (Tuesday - Saturday).  Seasonal, mid April - mid October. 

#37 Blacksmith Rd.
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3838

Fly Guides

Fully outfitted guided fly fishing.  Includes Simms waders, fly rods, hand-tied flies and instruction.  Beginners welcome.

Haines Highway, left on Sawmill Rd., at the Takshanuk Office
PO Box 1567
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-209-0816

FlyDrake - Earth Center Adventures, Inc.

World Class scenic flights to Glacier Bay and beyond. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  Year-round service by Haines resident owner/pilot, "Drake" as illustrated in the February 2007 issue of Alaska Magazine.  Glacier and beach landings available.  Dry Bay service for Alsek/Tatshenshini River trips and complete ski plane services for the Chilkat and Fairweather Mountains.

Box 411
121 2nd Ave.
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3679
Phone/Message (907) 314-0675

Fogcutter Bar

Light food.  Beers on tap including Haines Brewing and Alaskan Brewing companies.  2 pool tables, darts, foosball, big screen TVs.  Open year-round.  On Facebook.

122 Main St.
PO Box 782
Haines, AK  99827

Fort Seward Condos

Enjoy the ambience of historic Fort Seward Officers' Quarters. Fully furnished vacation apartments with views of Lynn Canal.  Prices from $165 for one bedroom and $175 for two bedroom.  Daily, weekly and monthly rates available. Seasonal, March through November.

PO Box 1152
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2708

Fort Seward Lodge



39 Mud Bay Road
PO Box 307
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2009 (Call first)
Fax (907) 766-2006
Phone (877) 617-3418

Fort Seward Restaurant and Saloon

Located in Fort Seward at mile 0 on the Haines Highway. Come enjoy the historical and colorful ambiance. Saloon hours Wed - Sun 5 pm to 2 am.  Restaurant hours of operation are seasonal and for special occasions. 

PO Box 307
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2009
Phone (877) 617-3418

Funny Farm, The

27 Miles from downtown Haines.  Private rooms, shared rooms and private house available.  Meals upon request. Sauna. RV camping.  Year-round.

HC60, 2892 Mosquito Lake Rd.
Haines, AK

Gathering Place, The

The Gathering Place is a rustic Alaskan retreat located on the shores of Lutak Inlet offering furnished cabins, camping cabins, RV and tent camping.  Two furnished cabins, each with private bath and a kitchenette.  Limited Wi-Fi.  Each cabin sleeps 6.  Two rustic dry camping cabins:  you bring your own sleeping bags, we provide a dry shelter with a wood bunk ( no mattresses)  to sleep on.  Shared bathhouse for guest use.  Wi-Fi is optional.  Each cabin sleeps 4.  RV Park & Campground:  the RV park has primitive camping spots on the waterfront (no electricity or water) plus sites with electric and water.  No septic.  Tent camping is also available and there is a shared bathhouse with pay showers.  The Lodge is a 1500 square foot long house with 6 wooden bunks (no bedding), rustic kitchen, bathroom, electricity and woodstove.  Rent the whole lodge for a group or just rent a bunk to get in out of the rain.   Pet friendly. Seasonal, May - Sept. 

8 mile Lutak Road
Haines, AK  99827

Gill Netter Gear Shed

Featuring Alaskan artists, nautical gifts, Ray Troll T-shirts.  Open seasonal, May - September.

#4 Main St
PO Box 246
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3395

Glacier Bay National Park

One of the most popular wilderness parks in North America is just 15 minutes from Haines by air. Spectacular glaciers, alpine scenery and wildlife. Activities include glacier flightseeing, whale watching, day cruises, kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping. Contact a Haines air service (go to flightseeing under Tours & Attractions), a Haines travel agency (see To and from Haines), or contact us at the Haines Visitor Information Center.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Just 15 minutes from Haines by air, the Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is one of the most popular wilderness parks in North America. You'll experience spectacular glaciers, alpine scenery, and bountiful wildlife. Activities include glacier flightseeing, whale watching, day cruises, kayaking, hiking, fishing and camping. There are several flight tours that fly direct from Haines, for more information on them you can visit our tours section, or visit the Haines Visitor Information Center.   For more information on the Park, click on Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

Glacier View Lodge

Glacier View Lodge offers spacious luxury lodging with stunning views and beach access. A fully furnished kitchen, comfortable great room, cozy reading nook, and two wrap-around decks, plus four bedrooms, each with its own private bath, make this the perfect destination for a friends and family getaway. Located a short 2 miles from downtown Haines, directly across from the beach, Glacier View lodge has a wonderful view of Pyramid Island, the Chilkat inlet and river, and the Chilkat Mountains. All the amenities of home including wi-fi, Direct TV, washer/dryer, BBQ grill, and luxury linens. Two king beds and four full size beds for maximum occupancy of 12.  One bedroom/bathroom is ADA accessible. Open year around

1146 Mud Bay Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

Gold Spot

Located on Second Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets, the Gold Nugget specializes in gold jewelry made from gold nuggets. Other Alaskan gifts are also available, including gold nuggets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.  Open seasonal, May - September.

PO Box 312
Haines, AK  99827
(907) 766-2772

Golden Circle

Spanning two countries and connected with a common history in the search for gold, The Golden Circle Route is the most unique and scenic drive in the world. Combined together, the communities of Haines, Haines Junction, Whitehorse, Skagway, and Juneau make the perfect land/sea package for the most memorable vacation full of wildlife, breathtaking beauty, history, and culture. Each community is a worthy destination in its own right. 

For more information about all the communities along the Golden Circle Route, visit the Drive Yukon web site and the website.

Don't forget, if your travel plans include crossing the US/Canadian borders you must have a passport!


Alaska's Golden Circle

Got a Byte

Computer services; virus/malware cleanup/protection, software installation, operating system upgrades, hardware upgrades, printer setup, backups, data recovery, wireless/wired network setup, home theater setup and Mac/PC Laptop repair.

PO Box 1706
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3389

Great Alaska Soap Company

The Great Alaska Soap Company is a small home-based business, located in beautiful Haines, Alaska.  We are happy to offer you all natural soap,lip balm and deet free insect repellent.   All of our products are made in small quantities to insure freshness.  Using our products will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are using pure and chemical free products on your skin.  These hand made products are good for you and the environment.

PO Box 875
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0801

Haines Animal Rescue Kennel (HARK)

Local humane dog and cat rescue and care.

1 Mile Small Tracts Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3334

Haines Borough Police Department

215 Haines Highway
PO Box 1209
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2121
FAX (907) 766-2190

Haines Borough Public Library

Located on Third Avenue next to the Haines Borough Administrative offices, the public library, recipient of the
Library Journal's 2005 Best Small Public Library Award, offers a variety of services, including free Internet access. 
Public phone for local calls and some 800 numbers.

111 Third Avenue
PO Box 1089
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2545

Haines Brewing Company

Owned and operated by local brewmeister Paul Wheeler and his wife Jeanne Kitayama since 1999, Haines Brewing Company is an Alaskan adventure all to itself. It's a favorite destination of travelers and locals alike, with more than eight handcrafted beers on tap and an inviting tasting room. Stop in and do a tasting, enjoy your favorite brew by the glass or buy a growler to go. Specially brewed root beer and tea available also. Located on Main Street next to the Aspen Suites Hotel. Open Mon - Sat noon - 7 pm.

327 Main St.
PO Box 911
Haines, AK  99827

Haines Cable TV/Radio Shack

Cable TV provider and authorized RADIO SHACK dealer, specializing in professional and consumer electronics.
Open year round.


715 Main Street
PO Box 454
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2345

Haines Chamber of Commerce

Looking for information about the local economy and businesses, real estate, community services, events and activities? The Haines Chamber of Commerce provides area business and community promotion and support. Visit our website.

219 Main St. Suite #14
PO Box 1449
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2202

Haines For All Seasons

By Kathleen M. K. Menke 

"Haines for All Seasons"

Northern Exposures from Alaska--
Reflecting Our Bond to the Land and Each Other

Read more

Haines Friends of Recycling

Open 24/7 to drop off aluminum, tin, #1 and #2 plastic, and all paper products.  No glass.  Free; donations appreciated. 

2.5 Mile Small Tracts Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3000

Haines Hitch-Up RV Park, Inc.

Located within walking distance of downtown, Haines Hitch-up had 92 spacious full hookup grass sites. Cable TV and 50 AMP sites available. Full service Good Sam park with free guest Wi-Fi, gift shop, tour info and ticket sales. Showers/laundry for guests.  GPS 59*13'26'N 135*26'48' W.  Seasonal, Mid May - Mid September. 

851 Main St
PO Box 383
Haines, AK  99827
907-766-2882 Phone/Fax

Haines Packing Co.

Visit one of the oldest cannery sites in SE Alaska, located at 5.5 Mile Mud Bay Road, Letnikof Cove and bring your camera. Our state-of-the-art facility processes all 5 species of Wild Alaska Salmon delivered by our local fleet. Our custom products, smoked salmon, caviar, fresh/frozen sockeye salmon fillets, salmon jerky and halibut, are available at our gift store, along with other handmade items.
Open seasonally.

PO Box 930
Haines, AK  99827

Haines Promo Video

Haines Quick Shop

Located a Mile Zero Haines Highway.  Convenience store, ATM and movie rentals.  Great selectionof grocery items.  Ice, cold soda, ice cream, wide variety of snack items.  Open year-round, 7:00 am - midnight.

Box 1709
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2330

Haines Rafting Company

Specializing in private and small group raft trips through the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.  Trips depart daily May through September and are available from Haines and Skagway.  Private van tours, Glacier Flight Seeing & Fjord Cruise combos are also available.  For rates and trip descriptions visit

PO Box 1455
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0340

Haines Real Estate

Real estate and homes for sale in Haines, Alaska.

115 Second Ave. South
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2240

Haines School District

Large facility for receptions, banquets, conferences and conventions.  Commercial kitchen available with seating and break out rooms all in one building.

Our Haines Borough School District operates 4 schools:
Mosquito Lake Elementary School
Haines Elementary/Middle School
Haines High School
Haines Home-School


604 Haines Highway
PO Box 1289
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3700

Haines Senior Center

Year-round banquet and conference facility.  Reception and banquet seating for around 60.  A commercial kitchen also available.  An organization that offers senior services.

1st Ave. and Mission St
PO Box 835
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3199

Haines Senior Village

Appartment style housing for Haines Seniors.

PO Box 835
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3199

Haines Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center



11 Main St.
PO Box 269
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2366

Haines Shuttle

Offering shuttles between the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry terminal, town, and cruise ship dock.  General taxiing and driving tours.  Special event transportation and loading/unloading of unaccompanied vehicle ferrying.

PH: 907-766-3768 | 907-314-0042 | 907-314-0056

Haines Skagway Fast Ferry

The hearts of downtown Haines and Skagway may be separated by 350 miles of road, but they're just a quick 45-minute scenic trip on the Haines-Skagway Fast Ferry. Our reliable service, centrally located docks and convenient schedule with multiple departures throughout the day make it easy to spend an afternoon, a week or longer exploring these quaint Southeast Alaska towns. Packages available.

Box 1488
Port Chilkoot Dock
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2100
Phone (888) 766-2103
Fax (907) 766-2409

Haines Swimming Pool

Located on the Haines Highway by the school.  A borough facility providing adult and kids swim time and exercise classes.  Also shower rates.

Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2666

Haines Volunteer Fire Department

217 Haines Highway
PO Box 1209
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3373

Hair Shop, The

Full-service family salon located on Main Street. We offer a  wide variety of hair and natural nail services. OPI, Goldwell Color, PureOlogy, ISO, Wolff Tanning systems.  Year round.

404 Main St.
PO Box 1146
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3550

Harriett Hall

Year-round banquet and conference center located in the SE fairgrounds.  Newly renovated 6,000 sq. ft. hall with a commercial kitchen and adjoining side room available for rent. 

Southeast Alaska State Fair
PO Box 385
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2476

Harris Aircraft Services

Operating chartered services year-round connecting Haines with Sitka , Juneau, Gustavus, Hoonah, Kake, Wrangell, Petersburg & Klawock.  Fleet consists of two Piper Chieftains, which cruise at over 200 mph and can seat up to 9 passengers comfortably.  Harris Air operates under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), day or night so we have the ability to offer safe, reliable passenger service year-round in almost any weather condition.  Our two amphibious float planes allow us to utilize airports while being able to land in the remote bush of Alaska, all of which are Capstone equipped.  Ask about shipping freight, we can make any connection!

400 Airport Rd.
Sitka, AK  99835
PH:  877-966-3050 AK toll free or 907-966-3030 Juneau 907-586-8626

Heather's Blog: News from Small-Town Alaska

A note from Heather-

Welcome to my world here in Haines, Alaska-- or at least this web notebook version of it. ...

Heliskiing with SEABA in Haines, Alaska

Heliskiing in Alaska can be as dangerous as it is spectacular, but with the right guide, it’s something every skier/rider should put on their list.

Hidden Cove Farm

Perfect for a couple, a family or friends traveling together, Hidden Cove Farm offers a one bedroom private suite or a three bedroom apartment, or you can rent the entire house.  

Situated on a hill overlooking the shores of the Chilkat Inlet, this vacation rental is a secluded pocket of calm.  Fantastic view of the Chilkat flats.

The one bedroom private suite includes a queen bed and a twin bed in the bedroom and a queen pull-out couch in the living room. Private bathroom, private entrance and a hot tub.  Use of the owner's utility room with stove, sink, fridge, laundry.  Sleeps 5.

The upper two floors of the house make up the apartment. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, full kitchen, living room, deck, hot tub.  King bed and two twin beds in master bedroom, queen bed in second bedroom, two twin beds in the sleeping nook.  Use of washer and dryer.  Sleeps 6.

1406 Mud Bay Road
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

Highland Haven

Newly remodeled and close to town, this cozy three bedroom home is perfect for families or friends traveling together. The spacious sunny deck with a BBQ grill has a filtered mountain view. The spotless kitchen has everything you need for cooking while the living area has a small woodstove to enjoy. Master bedroom has a queen bed and full futon. The second and third bedrooms each have a full bed. There is a fold-out couch in the living area. Maximum occupancy is 10.  One bathroom with shower. Wi-Fi, Washer/dryer.  Open year round

912 Highlands Ave
PH:  1800 572-8006

Hotel Halsingland

Nestled between the jagged peaks of the Chilkat Mountains and the waters of the beautiful Lynn Fjord, the Hotel Halsingland offers an authentic historic experience in a setting of natural beauty. Our unique hotel is located in Historic Fort Seward and is designed in Jeffersonian style architecture.

Many rooms are adorned with original decorative Belgian tile fireplaces and claw foot tubs.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to ensuring your stay is comfortable and will be happy to assist you in making the most out of your visit to Haines.

13 Fort Seward Drive
PO Box 1649
Haines, AK 99827
Phone 907-766-2000
Phone 800-542-6363 (US)
Fax 907-766-2060
Car Rental
AVIS 907-766-2733

House No. 1

Located in Fort Seward with commanding views of Lynn Canal and mountains.  Easy walking to restaurants, shops, museums and the Haines-Skagway fast ferry dock (seasonal).  Historic house offering 5 rooms sleeping a maximum of 18.  3 rooms with private baths.  Full "continental" breakfast plus hot breakfasts daily on request.  Kitchen access.  Wifi.  Courtesy transport for state ferry terminal and airport by arrangement.  Group bookings welcomed.  Open all year.  Online booking preferred.  Call or visit website for more information.

House #1 Fort Seward Drive
PO Box 473
Haines, AK 99827
Phone 907-766-2856 or 907-314-0430
Toll-free 877-615-6676

Howsers IGA

Located on Main Street between Second and Third Avenue.  Shopping Center.  Fast, friendly service.  Full service grocery store.  Self-service meat department. Check out the produce, dairy, grocery and general merchandise departments.  Cubed and block ice and ATM available.  Open daily year-round.

209 Main St.
Box 1309
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2040

I Do Paws

Ivanca Jones, professional dog grooming and pet day care. Call for an appointment.

Phone (907) 314-0412

I Fish Haines Alaska

Seasonal sport fishing for halibut and salmon with local guide Vinny Simkin.  Welcome aboard the 42' "Peggy Sue" for day charters, sightseeing and custom tours.  Book online, shoot me an email or call me.  Your ultimate Alaska experience starts here. 

1146 Mud Bay Rd.
PO Box 706
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0735 or 518-637-6170 or 907-766-3658

If Your Lived Here I'd Know Your Name: News from Small-Town Alaska

By Heather Lende

"Who knew a writer could find so much human drama, simple pleasure and thorny issues in such a remote place? If you like stories on prairies Home Companion or Northern Exposure, you'll love some real news from small-town Alaska."  --USA Today

Inn at Haines, The

Formerly The Summer Inn, this historic bed and breakfast is under new ownership as of 2017.  This charming 1912 house has been renovated to showcase vintage charm with modern amenities.  Located on Second Avenue, near Main Street, in the heart of downtown.  Homemade fresh continental breakfast served daily.  Wonderful views of mountains and Fort Seward.  The Inn welcomes guests a cozy landing for their Haines adventures.  Open year round.

Box 1646
117 Second Avenue
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2970

Island View Vacation Rental

Located on the shores of the mighty Chilkat River, Island View is a studio apartment above a detached garage.  Enjoy gorgeous views of Pyramid Island and the Chilkat Mountain Range, with easy access for beach walking.  The apartment is ideally suited for a single or a couple.  No Children, no pets and no smoking.  Parking is available for one vehicle.  Seasonal May 1 - Sept 30.

1 Mile Mud Bay Road
PO Box 202
Haines, AK  99827

Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Tours

Located at 22 Mile, Haines Highway. Experience the tradition, dance, and culture of the Chilkat Tlingit people on a visit to Klukwan,
the last remaining village of the Chilkat Tlingit people. Book tours onboard through shore excursions office, also
walk-ins welcome M-F 10 am - 4 pm and Saturdays 1-4 pm, CLOSED Sundays.  For more information visit website
Seasonal, May through September.

22 Mile Haines Highway (Klukwan)
PO Box 976
Haines, AK 99827
PH:  907-767-5485

Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center Gift Shop

The Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage and Bald Eagle Preserve Visitor Center opened on May 14, 2016, nearly a century after the idea of putting a cultural museum in the small Tlingit village 22 miles north of Haines was first discussed. The main tourist draw for the new center may be its 200-year-old Whale House artifacts with their checkered history and comparisons to Elgin Marbles and the Sistine Chapel, but the site offers much more for Klukwan and visitors. Down the path a little ways is a traditional knowledge camp, where subsistence skills continue to be taught (Salmon Camp runs from July 22-Aug. 26 this year). A hospitality center offers gifts and food. Within the building itself will be space for carvers and weaves to work and room for cultural classes of all kinds in addition to the museum.

22 Mile Haines Highway (Klukwan)
Haines, Alaska 99827
PH:  907-767-5485

KHNS - Lynn Canal Broadcasting

Public radio station located in the Chilkat Center for the Arts.

PO Box 1109
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2020

Kicking Horse Studios

Elizabeth Jurgeleit was born and raised in Haines, Alaska. She draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of her home town. The areas local culture is depicted in her art seen throughout her cards, drawings and paintings.

Kiting Alaska: Kiteboarding & Snowkiting on the Last Frontier

In what is a fitting end to this quirky winter, two Haines kiters hit the water this week for some fun spring sessions. ...

Klehini Carnivore Dog & Cat Food

Place an order for your pets.  Only top quality raw meats are used.  Made fresh every 2 weeks. Organic available upon request.  Made in Haines and shipped anywhere!  Home delivery for locals at no extra cost.  Frozen in reusable containers or as burgers. 

Carrie Kinison
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-767-5676

Klondike Chiropractic

Chiropractic, Massage and Acupuncture care. 

225 Main St
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3555

Kluane National Park

3 hours north of Haines by highway, you will discover the scenic beauty of the Yukon wilderness.  Activities range from rafting the Alsek River to lakeside camping, Hiking - day and overnight, Mountaineering, Interpretive Programs, fishing, flightseeing & skiing.  Contact a Haines travel agency (go to To and From Haines), or contact the Visitor Reception Center in Haines Junction.

Visitor Reception Center
Box 5495
Haines Junction, Yukon YOB 1L0, Canada
Phone (867) 634-7202
Fax (867) 634-7208

Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada

Kluane National Park represents some of the most amazing panaramas of mountain passes, crystal clear fresh water lakes and ample opportunities to view wild life.  As part of a larger system of national parks and historic sites found throughout Canada, Kluane National Park protects and presents a nationally significant example of Canada's North Coast Mountains natural region and the associated regional cultural heritage. Fostering public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of Kluane National Park and Reserve while ensuring ecological and commemorative integrity for present and future generations is Parks Canada's goal.  


PO Box 5495
Haines Junction, Yukon YOB 1L0, Canada
Phone (867) 634-7202
Fax (867) 634-7208

Kraken Charters

PO Box 1685
Haines, AK 99827
PH:  907-515-7028 or 907-767-5630

Kroschel Films Wildlife Center

Live animal Wildlife Center tours in the heart of the Eagle Preserve. Lynx, wolves, wolverines, caribou, foxes, and much more, all indigenous to the region. Great photo ops and close encounters of the wild kind. Seasonal, May through September and some tours in the winter.
To visit the center you must book a tour.
Call (907) 767-5464 for more information and pricing.

HC 60 Box 2848
Haines, AK 99827
(907) 767-5464

Krystal Norberg, CMT

Call 907-314-0997 for appointments.  Certified Massage Therapist.  Practicing Swedish, Deep Tissue and Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique.

PH:  907-314-0997

La Loft

Women's clothing, used and gently used. Open year-round, 7 days a week 10 am - 5:30 pm. 

2nd and Main St.
PO Box 1063
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-0031

Lighthouse Restaurant and Harbor Bar

Located beside the Small Boat Harbor at Main and Front St.  Check out the great 1886 back bar.  Sports always available.  Great seafood.  Wonder view!  World Tavern Poker Tournaments 2 nights a week and Karaoke nights.  Serving lunch and dinner daily.  ATM available.  Bar open year-round, restaurant seasonal.

1 Front St.
PO Box 429
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2442

Local Authors

Bob Adkins, author of The Golden Circle and Panhandle Pilot

Georgia Giacobbe, author of Rachel's Choice

Elisabeth Hakkinen, author of Haines: The First Century - featuring the early history of Haines.

Judy Hall, author of Native Plants of Southeast Alaska

Dan Henry, featured essay in Pushcart Prize 2003 as well as other publications.

Jack Hodnik, author of Lessons from Alaska

Heather Lende, author of If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name, Take Care of the Garden and the Dogs and Find the Good:  Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-town Obituary Writer

Robert Henderson, author of Charles H. Anway

Tom Lang, author of the books Bear, Cat Coffee, Eagle, Mrs. Claus, and Salmon

Russ Lyman/Joe Ordonez, authors of The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini River - An informative guide with combined experience of 30 years and over 100 trips down the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers.

Kathleen Menke, author of Haines for All Seasons and Spirits of the North

Joe Ordonez, author of Where Eagles Gather, The Story of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - Information about the region, the wildlife, its people, and why it's so important.

Joe Parnell, author of the poetry collection You Make Me Want . . . to Get a Job

Margaret Piggot, author of Discover Southeast Alaska with Pack and Paddle

Kevin Reeves, author of the poetry book Voices From a Far Land and his personal essay book about life in Alaska  called Alaska Reflections

Cecily Stern, author of A Different Kind of Gold

Eileen Wisdom, author of Loaded for Bear and the children series Words of Wisdom

Lori's Hair Salon

Professional hair design for everyone.  Open year round Monday through Thursday, 10 to 5.

842 Main St. (behind the car wash)
Haines, AK  99827

Lynn View Lodge & Cabins

Located on Lutak Road with a lovely view of Lynn Canal, the lodge has two suites and three cabins. Suites include a private entrance, king-size bed and large bath with whirlpool tub and separate shower. Suites have Direct TV, telephone, fridge, microwave and Wi-Fi. Cabins sleep four and include full bed, bunk bed, shower, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, Direct TV and BBQ grill. Full bedding, pillows and towels provided. Private beach access with fire pits for our guests.  With fishing and bear viewing near Chilkoot River and Lake. Large parking area for RVs, non-smoking, entire lodge available for groups.  Pet friendly. Open year-round.

1299 Lutak Road
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3713

Lynn View Lodge Rental Vehicles

Located at 77 Beach Road and across the street from the Cruise Ship Dock. Recent model AWD SUVs for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rentals.  Complimentary airport and ferry transportation.  Available year-round.

77 Beach Road
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3713 or 512-789-3198

Lynn View Mercantile

Location for  Lynn View Car Rentals and Kelleen Adams' t-shirt designs.  Hand-painted bags, driftwood and pillows.  Jewelry, local photography, and store staples.  Hours 10 am to 5 pm, except Wednesdays will open at 8 am.  Located by the Port Chilkoot Dock.

77 Beach Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2222

Ma's Mini Storage

WAS J & D STORAGE.  Storage for all your stuff. Inside storage available in 4 sizes; outside storage for vehicles and campers. 

628 Small Tracts Road
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0599

Magpie Gallery, The

Gallery features local artists and their products for sale.  Owner, Laura Rodgers.  Seasonal

127 2nd Ave.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-3333

Marine & RV Condominiums

Vehicle, RV & Boat Storage

Spruce Grove

Meeting - Packet Request

Mike's Bikes and Boards

Located with Outfitter Sporting Goods.  Quality bicycle sales, service and rentals.  Also, skateboards, longboards, snowboards, Indo Boards, eye wear, protective gear, disc golf, snow/skate apparel, Neff, RVCA, Seedless, Grassroots, GoPro.  Facebook.  Summer hours 9 am - 6 pm daily.


Mile 0 Haines Highway
PO Box 1709
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3232

Miles Furniture

Candles, toys, gift ideas and household items.

502 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2855

Moose Horn Laundry

Public showers and laundry service.  Wash and fold service.

Mile 1 Haines Hwy., Spruce Grove Park
PO Box 349
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 314-0984 

Mosquito Lake Recreation Site

Located 27 miles north of Haines off the Haines Highway on Mosquito Lake Road, this "off the beaten path" site has 5 spaces, fire rings, picnic table, fishing, boat launch, $10/night. No bathrooms on-site.

Mountain Flying Service

Glacier flightseeing, Air Taxi, Glacier Bay National Park.  Most experienced pilot, new Bush Hawk aircraft, best maintenace, large panoramic windows.  Engaging conversation.  Remote beach & glacier landings. 

Box 1404
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3007

Mountain Market & Mountain Spirits

Located at the corner of Third Avenue and Haines Hwy, we feature a variety of soups, sandwiches and baked goods, a natural foods market, and beer, wine and spirits.
Open year round.

Box 1509
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3340

Mountain Market and Cafe'/Ripinsky Roasters

Located at the corner of Third Ave. and Haines Hwy.  Natural and organic groceries and fresh produce; beer, wine and spirits; full espresso bar featuring organic and fair trade coffee roasted on the premises; baked goods, sandwiches, panini, tortilla wraps, soups, salads and more.
Open seven days a week, all year long.

PO Box 1509
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3340

Northwest Pewter Co.

Tlingit and Tsimshian Indian designed  pewter tableware.  Corporate gifts and wholesale.  Open by appointment.

121 Chestnut St.
PO Box 136
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3059

Oceanside RV Park

Full-service Good Sam Park. "On the Water", clean restrooms and shower, laundry, cable, WIFI available, ice. Open year round, 23 oceanfront sites. Bookings for fishing charters and day trips to Juneau and Skagway. One block from downtown and shopping.

14 Front Street at Front & Main Streets
PO Box 1569
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2437 (Canal Marine)

Oceanside RV Park Laundromat & Showers

Year-round laundromat & public showers.  Just like home!

14 Front St.
PO Box 1569
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2437

Olerud's Market Center

Full service grocery.  Best meat in town.  Large selection of produce and dairy products.  Family owned and operated.  Open daily year-round.

420 Main St.
PO Box 1069
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2441

Orca Arts & Crafts

Located across from the cruise ship dock.  Unique gifts, souvenirs, t-shirts, handcrafted items, snacks, soda and more.  Open seasonally, May through September.

Located by cruise dock
PO Box 806
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2741
Phone (616) 901-3982

Outfitter Liquor Store

Located at Mile Zero Haines Hwy offering the widest variety and best selection of beer, wine and spirits in Haines.
Open year round, 8 a.m. - midnight daily.

Box 1709
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3220

Outfitter Sporting Goods

Located at Mile 0 on the Haines Highway, the Outfitter features Woolrich, Rocky and No Fear Brand.  Also Kelty, Sierra Designs, bogs, Alps, Cascade Design and Thermarest.  Open daily year round, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Box 1709
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3221

Outfitter Sporting Goods

Fishing, hunting, camping and hiking products.  Purchase your bait, fishing and hunting licenses.  Inventory includes:  outdoor clothing including Nike, Woolrich, Helly Hansen, Xtra Tuff and Rocky Brand Products.

Box 1709
0 Mile Haines Highway
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3221
Fax (907) 766-2060

Over the Top Motor Sports

Snowmachine sales, rentals and services.  Used sleds for sale.  Ask for Dave Zugel.

Haines Highway - across from the Spruce Grove Trailer Court and next to Haines Home Building
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3855 or 907-303-5053

Paradise Cove House

Set on its own secluded beach with breathtaking views of Rainbow Glacier and the snowcapped peaks of the Chilkat Mountains.  Spacious and sunny, the charming, comfortable, well-heated house has a fully equipped kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and sleeps 7.  The property offers all the amenities for enjoyable stay, including an outdoor barbecue and a campfire site on the beach.  Located about 6 miles south of Haines, the house is a five minute drive from the Chilkat State Park with excellent hiking trails as well as a boat launch ramp.  Children welcome.  No pets.

PO Box 696
Haines, AK  99827

Paradise West

This secluded log cabin is located at Mile 6 of Mud Bay Road, on Paradise Cove, overlooking the Chilkat Inlet, Rainbow Glacier and Davidson Glacier. The cabin and separate wood-burning log sauna were hand-built by a local artisan for an Alaska tourism pioneer.  Paradise West has a master bedroom with a King-size bed, plus a loft with four single beds. Relish the peace and solitude of your private wilderness retreat. Climb down the hand-hewn steps and trail to the beach below the cabin to enjoy a waterfront bonfire or beachcombing. Enjoy the many attractions and activities Haines offers: drive a short way to the Chilkat State Park; go fishing, hiking, bird-watching; or comb the local art galleries for a special piece to take home. This is truly a unique place, steeped in the history, beauty and wilderness for which Alaska is famous.
No smoking, no pets.  Open May 1-Sept 30.


PO Box 645
Haines, AK 99827
800 572-8006

Parts Place

Auto, RV and marine parts.  Metal-by-the-foot, welding items and powersport products.  "If we don't have it and you need it,  we can get it!"

104 3rd Ave. S
PO Box 9
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2940

Peter's Tire and Auto Repair

Tire and auto shop repair.  Open 9 am - 5 pm on Dalton St.  Call Paul Peters at 907-766-2900.

3rd and Dalton St
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2900

Piedad Mini Storage

Vehicle, RV & Boat Storage

PO Box 1553
13 Piedad Road

Pilotlight Bakery and Restaurant

Baker Cambria Goodwin will be serving local Alaskan cuisine, open for brunch, lunch, & dinner.  Gluten free options, beer & wine.  Ocean view and front porch dining at #1 Soap Suds Alley.  1 block from the cruise ship dock.  Seasonal.

#1 Soap Suds Alley
PO Box 1434
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2962

Pioneer Bar

Located on 2nd Avenue between Main and Dalton Street.  Full service sports bar, with pool tables and food.  Friendly, local hangout.  60 years family owned!  Open year round.

11 Secon Ave., N
Box 190
Haines, AK  99827
Phone 907-766-3443

Port Chilkoot Distillery

Local micro-distillery handcrafting small batches of spirits that represent the unique character and flavors of Southeast Alaska.

34 Blacksmith St
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3434

Portage Cove State Recreation Site

Located along the waterfront about 1 mile south of downtown Haines on Beach Road is a very scenic camp site for tent camping for backpackers and bicyclists only. NO overnight parking is allowed. Fire rings, water pump, toilets, picnic tables available. Summer hosts provide information and reference materials at host site.  $10/night, season is from May 15 to September 1.

Radio Shack, Dealer

Cable TV and prepaid cell services and accessories.  Electronics and photo supplies.  Stitch "Em Up Designs embroidery.  Toys, fax service, copies and U-Haul dealer. 

715 Main St.
PO Box 454
Haines, AK  99827

Raevyn's Cafe'

Casual family dining.  Open Wednesday-Sunday, 4pm to 10pm.  Hourse of operation are subject to change during peak season.  Horseshoe pits out front, disc golf course out back.  Located in the old Klondike building.  Seasonal

296 Fair Dr., #100 White Fang Way
Haines, AK  99827
PH: 907-766-3733

Rainbow Glacier Adventures LLC

Custom and exclusive tours in Haines.  Bown bear and eagle viewing.  Bald Eagle Preserve raft trips and Chilkoot Lake Kayaking tours.  Private tours with naturalist/photographer Joe Ordonez, author of Where Eagles Gather, the Story of the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.

Box 1103
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3576
Fax (907) 766-3580
Phone (877) 766-3516

Reservations by Randa

Reservations office for vacation rentals in Haines.  Eco-Friendly/Green lodging.  LGBT friendly.  Serving Haines and beyond since 1986.   Find Us on Facebook

Box 645
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 314-0466
Phone (800) 572-8006
Fax (866) 447-8244

Riley Ridge Retreat

A few minutes drive from dowtown Haines, Alaska, a beautiful custom home awaits your stay.  Nestled on five acres of pristine Alaskan wilderness, it's the perfect location for your family reunion, business retreat, relaxing vacation or destination wedding!  Away from the road, the quiet and peaceful setting offers outstanding views of the Chilkat Mountains.  Just around the bend from Letnikof Cove, Riley Ridge Retreat is ideally located for launching your fishinig, sailing or kayaking excursion.  This 5 bedroom home can accommodate 8 people and is ideally suited for families with children.  Open year-round.

5 Mile Mud Bay Road
PO Box 752
Haines, AK  99827

Ripinski Mechanical

Routine maintenance and servicing on cars, airplanes, and small engines.  Need good work done at a fair price?  Email/Call/Text

Ripinski Mechanical LLC
874 Highland Drive
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-303-0070 or 907-303-0332

Ripinski Retreat

Lovely two bedroom is conveniently located downtown on Barnett Dr.  Has laundry facilities, WiFi, kitchenette, and allows pets.  Year-round. 

Barnett Dr.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

River House

Charming cottage at the mouth of the Chilkat River with stupendous river and mountain views. Rent whole cottage or either of two units.  Upper unit has full kitchen, living area, dining area full bath and deck. The wonderful loft bedroom is up spiral staircase and has a cozy window ledge overlooking the river.  Lower unit has queen bed, mini kitchen, small eathing area, bath with washer/dryer. Both have satellite TV, WiFi.  Pet friendly.  Open year round.  Upper unit:  $175.00; lower unit: $125.00; whole cottage: $275.00. 

Box 675
84 River Road
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-3849

Rusty Compass Coffeehouse, The

Offering specialty coffee, pastries and light lunch. 

Haines, AK  99827

Salmon Run RV Campground and Cabins

Forested setting with miles of water and mountain views.  Located 1.8 miles from the ferry terminal.  30 and 50 amp electrical sites, dry sites (tent or RV), group sites.  Comfortable campin' cabins.  Nice and clean restrooms/showers, campfire rings, picnic tables, firewood, RV and boat storage.  A great location for hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and more!  We welcome caravans/groups and all RV length/tipouts.  Pet friendly. 

PO Box 1582
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3240

Salon Down Under

Professional hair design and facial waxing services.

226 Willard St. 
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3600

sarah j's coffee & eatery

Located at 2nd and Willard St., next to Visitor Center.  Serving espresso, specialty drinks, handcrafted treats, light breakfasts, sandwiches, and salads.  Vegetarians welcome.  Open year round.

PO Box 937
25 Portage
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2928

Sea Wolf Gallery

Visit the Trapper's Cabin at Totem Village in the Fort Seward Parade Grounds to experience the woodcarving world of hometown multimedia artist, Tresham Gregg.  Tresham is usually carving in the studio gallery. He works in a variety of media, including paintings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, and puppets of all sorts. You may even get an impromptu puppet show of your very own.
Seasonal, May through September.

PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2540

Second Nature

Located just a few blocks north of Main Street on Second Avenue, Fun Guy Foraged Products, LLC.  "The store that helps people enjoy nature's bounty".  Items for the outdoors person, the gourmet cook, the vintage collector and the home brewer.    Chilkat Valley mushroom products, field guides and foraging tools, berry products, raw honey, beeswax candles, home brewing supplig, vintage items and much more.  Open year round.

121 Second Avenue, North
PO Box 701
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2992


Specializing in eco-friendly organic T-shirts printed in Haines, and showcasing the talents of local artists.  Seasonal, May - September.


Dalton City, Fairgrounds
PO Box 508
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2961

Shyine Designs

Women's and Children's clothing store.  Designed one-of-a-kind and made in Haines. 

Dalton City/Fairgrounds
PO Box 363
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0890

Skiing Magazine Articles

List of Articles in Skiing Magazine.

Snappers Inn

This sweet two bedroom cabin is located just 2 blocks from the Haines Boat Harbor on Front Street and is within walking distance of downtown Haines.  The spacious deck looks out over the waterfront where you can watch for seals, sea lions, and the occassional whale, or just enjoy watching the boat traffic.  Two bedrooms, one bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, living room, Wi-Fi, and washer/dryer make this a perfect base for your family to explore Haines.  Newly remodeled.

201 Front St
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

So You Want to go and Shoot Skiing in Alaska...

I’m here with a crew from Poorboyz productions, working alongside them while they film for their new movie, Revolver.  Our stacked list of pro skiers  consists of Dane Tudor, Tim Durtchi, Julien Regnier, Pep Fujas and JP Auclair and I’m doing some shooting for Atomic Skis and Salomon...

Soboleff-McRae Veterans Village

Apartment style housing for Veterans.

PO Box 916
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3617

Sockeye Cycle Co.

Bicycle tours, rentals, sales and service.  Guided tours from three hours to ten days for beginner and advanced cyclists.  Seasonal, May - September.

24 Portage St.
PO Box 829
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2869
FAX: 907-766-2851

Some Things Fishy Gift Shop

One-of-kind gifts for the "fisher" people in your life plus handmade placemats, table runner, quilts, aprons and napkins with seaside theme.  We feature several artists that use natural shells and driftwood in mobiles and other rustic creations for home decor.  Come visit us between May 15 - September 26. Seasonal May - Sept.

5.5 Mile Mud Bay Road-with Haines Packing
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  (907) 766-2840


Soul Hands Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Mandy Ramsey, Certified Massage Practitioner, is available year round for massage and body work.
During May through September she practices out of a space located on White Fang Dr., Dalton City Fairgrounds.
House calls "also" available.

Haines, AK  99827

Southeast Alaska Backcountry Skiing

SEABA offers a new wave in Alaska skiing adventure, including exclusive guided heli and snowcat skiing in Haines.  Seasonal, February - October, season shift closures in May and September.

PO Box 1426
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (630) 247-3063

Starlight Apartments #7

This basic little one bedroom apartment is located right downtown within walking distance of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, and shops.  The awesome view of the harbor and mountains makes this a perfect place to unwind in the evening.  Full kitchen, living room, bathroom with tub/shower, bedroom with queen bed.  Located on the second floor.  No TV, Wi-Fi hot spot (for a fee).  Open year-round. 

113 Dalton Street
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

Stillpoint Therapies

Cynthia Allen, CMT, Nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

890 Oslun Dr
PO Box 81
Haines, AK  99827

Stoked News: For the Action Sports Lifestyle

Snow Skiing Video - Sebastian Garhammer on Four Winds in Haines, AK.

Storage and Warehouse (S&W)

Interior & Exterior storage.  Interior storage available for boats, bus, cars and RV's also interior storage units available. 

S & W Corp
Haines, AK  99827

Su Casa

Come enjoy the peace and quiet you expect of Alaska.  Our studio apartment is six miles south of town in a quiet neighborhood on waterfront property where you can hear eagles sing and whales conversing.  Accommodations include a full kitchen and bath, queen bed plus futon couch, private deck and garage.  Garage and washer/dryer for guest use.  Weekly and monthly rates are available.  No smoking or pets please.  Private bath: yes, handicap access: no.  Seasonal, May to mid-November.

PO Box 645
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  800-572-8006

Swan View Cabins

Swan View Cabins located thirty miles north of Haines, Alaska, in one of the most breathtaking settings on the planet.  The lake-front cabins sport awe-inspiring view of the lake and surrounding snow-capped mountains.  The property sits right in the heart of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve.  There is private access to the lake.  Cabin #1 is winterized and stays toasty warm with a vented propane heater.  The open plan cabin has a queen-sized bed, fully-equipped kitchen, and bathroom with tub and shower.  The cabin has an outdoor deck, excellent drinking water as well as a DVD player with a broad selection of moives.  It also has a twin hide-a-bed couch for a child or smaller person.  Wifi, BBQ grill, canoe for guest use.

3 Mile Mosquito Lake Road
Haine, AK 99827
PH: 800-572-8006

Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dog: Family, Friendships, and Faith in Small-Town Alaska

By Heather Lende

"The book is full of vivid characters (a librarian who collects overdue books in person) and strange, sad deaths.  Lende is not one for looking back.  She has a simple, chatty style most readers will find oddly comforting.  Life does, in fact, go on." --Los Angeles Times

Takshanuk Mountain Trail

Located on 7 Mile Lutak Road.  Come ride a 4X4 Kawasaki 'Mule' on a guided wilderness adventure to see panoramic views of the Lutak Inlet and enjoy a halibut lunch in our rustic lodge set at 1100 ft. elevation.  Perfect for families of all ages and abilities. 

Box 1122
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 209-5153
Phone (907) 766-3179

Talia's Treasures

Consignment shop hours open are:  Wednesday - Friday 11 am to 3 pm and Saturday 10 am to 3 pm.

3rd and Main St.
Haines, AK  99827

Tatshenshini - Alsek Provincial Park

Located just 1.5 hours north of Haines on the Haines Highway, the Tatshenshini-Alsek is considered to be one of the most magnificent river systems on earth, and forms the basis of the British Columbia provincial park that bears its name. Tatshenshini-Alsek Park contains nearly one million hectares of glacier-cloaked peaks, wild rivers, grizzly bears and unusual plant communities. Despite its remote location the ruggedly beautiful Tatshenshini-Alsek region is attracting an increasing number of recreationalists: kayakers and rafters are drawn to the two magnificent river systems; hikers and mountaineers confront a near-endless pristine wilderness that includes everything from alpine meadows to the jagged edges of the Alsek Ranges and Mt. Fairweather, at 4,633 metres the province’s highest peak; and mountain bikers can explore old mining roads and other interesting and challenging terrain. 

Postal Bag 5000
Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0
Phone (250) 647-7320

Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park

1.5 hours north of Haines by highway is the British Columbia's northern wilderness park, which encompasses the headwaters of two of North America's most exciting rivers for rafting & kayaking.  Activities include rafting, kayaking, hiking, camping, fishing & skiing (To and From Haines) .

Postal Bag 5000
Smithers, B.C. V0J 2N0
Phone (250) 847-7320

The Cove at Letinikof

A scenic outdoor venue perfect for family reunions, weddings, events, parties.  This outdoor venue with a 30' X 60' covered pavilion includes use of the fire pit and private beach.  Special packages available.

5.5 Mud Bay Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

The Dream Has Changed

Haines, Alaska. The Dream has changed.  Since I can remember the dream was always about getting paid enough snowboarding so I could spend the spring in Alaska flying in helicopters and making snowboard movies. After starring in over 45 movies the dream was starting to wear off. The challenge was gone and I was getting bored.  No longer was I having the “best day of my life” every time I went out and although I was riding some of the best lines of my life it did not feel like it at the end of the day. (Cry me a river…I know.)

The Golden Circle

By Bob Adkins

The Golden Circle is a collection of over 100 full color photographs of the scenic beauty, wildlife, and communities of the Gold Rush Country in northern Southeast Alaska, southern Yukon Territory, and northern British Columbia.

The Hammer Museum

108 Main St.
PO Box 702
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2374

The Shop

Located on Union and 4th Ave.  The shop works on all typs of vehicles including buses, motorhomes, ATVs and snowmachines.  Also offering welding of aluminum and steel, including fabrication of fittings for fishing boats.  Open 9-5 Monday - Friday.  Ron and Randy Sloper

4th and Union
PH:  907-766-2511

Thor's Fitness

Fitness center open 24 hours.  Includes boxing bags, climbing ropes, free weights, assortment of machines, shower and sauna.  Also classes for cross-training, spin-bike, and boxing.

527 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3331


Tom Ganner Photography & Workshops

If you would like to discover the wonder of photography in Haines, Alaska, and are looking for a personalized Alaska photography workshop?  Look no further.  Private photography workshops emphasizing on landscape and wildlife photography including technical and compositional aspects of photography, as well as post-processing techniques.  Lodging and vehicle use included in our workshop packages for those who are making Haines a destination vacation experience.   Also check his virtual gallery out!

PO Box 811
Haines, AK  99827

Trading Post

Native made gifts, including items made from whale bone, ballen and ivory.  Alaksa T-shirts and fleece, natural gold nuggets.  Open seasonally, May - September.

128 2nd Ave. S.
PO Box 312
Haines, AK  99827

Tufa Swallow Catering

Offers catering services for special occasions.

PO Box 666
Haines, AK  99827

Uniquely Alaskan Arts

Located on the corner of 2nd and Willard Street across from Haines Visitor's Center, this large and stunning gallery is full of eclectic art from local artist, Tresham Gregg as well as others. Gregg blends Northwest Native Spiritism with his own brand of artistic stylization for unique concepts and images in a variety of media, including woodcarvings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, paintings, and puppets.  Open May through September, 11 am - 5 pm most days.

201 Willard Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3525 or 766-2540

Valley of the Eagles Golf Links and Driving Range

Golf course and driving range. Par 36 nine-hole links course. Pro shop, rental clubs, pull and electric carts. PGA Pro is on staff for group or individual lessons.

1.5 Mile Haines Highway
Phone/Fax (907) 766-2401

Viking Cove Guest Homes

Viking Cove Guest Homes are nestled in the woods on a 12 acre private pennisula.  Remote, secluded, and luxurious, choose from a two bedroom cabin, an open-plan apartment, or comfortable guest rooms with shared bath facilities.  Located approx. 8 miles from downtwon Haines with access to the sheltered beach in Viking Cove.  All are newly remodeled, furnished with luxury linens and have everything you need for comfortable stay.  2 night minimum. 

8 Mile Mud Bay Road
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  1800-572-8006

Whale Rider Gallery

Located just up Portage Street from the cruise ship dock, the Whale Rider Gallery features some of the best of Tresham Gregg's art works, hosted by Annette Smith, lifelong Haines artisan and actress, who is usually found painting Tresham's woodcarvings in the shop. As a daughter of one of the families who purchased the Fort when it was decommissioned after WWII, she knows plenty about the Fort's history and is happy to answer any questions. Open sporadically and on cruise ship days from May to September

21 Portage Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2540

Where Eagles Gather: Story of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

By Joe Ordonez
Information about the region, the wildlife, its people, and why it's so important.

Wild Iris, The

Located on Portage Street just up from the Cruise Ship Dock. Walk along a brick path surrounded by a beautiful Alaska garden to an intimate art gallery specializing in fine and local jewelry, Eskimo art, silkscreen works, Northwest coastal art, and unique pieces created of amber and local Gold Rush Alaska gold. Jewelry and eye glasses repairs available.
Open year round.

Box 77
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2300