Haines is accessible through major airline carriers going into Juneau, Alaska then connecting with the small commuter planes into Haines. Cruising remains the most popular way to explore the Inside Passage; Haines is a port of call for large and small lines but is limited by the one cruise ship dock available. To find more about cruising to Haines, visit the Cruising To Haines page.

For the independent traveler, the state-run Alaska Marine Highway Ferry serves more than 30 coastal communities and takes your vehicle so you can drive into and out of Haines, only one of three southeast communities connected by road.  You didn’t bring a vehicle?  No problem, we have 3 car rentals and the Haines Shuttle that could cover your bases while you are visiting.       

Getting To Haines

There are many different ways to get to Haines, let us help you choose the one that works with your plans.