Eldred Rock Lighthouse

The waters in Southeast Alaska's Lynn Canal  are notoriously stormy with many a ship meeting it an untimely ending dashed up against the rugged rock coastlines.  The lighthouse at Eldred Rock was erected  by the US Government in response to several tragedies that occurred in the Upper Lynn Canal.  Most notorious was the Clara Nevada, a ship that sank in 1898 with a reported 75 souls and 850 pounds of gold, ony four of the 75 souls were believed to have survived and none of the supposed gold has ever been located. First lit on June 1, 1906, and decommissioned in 1973, Eldred Rock is the oldest original Alaskan Lighthouse building.  In addition to the lighthouse and quarters, there is a boathouse, tramways and other small outbuildings used for storage and maintenance.  The Haines Sheldon Musuem formed the Eldred Rock Lighthouse Preservation Association with the hopes of restoring and rehabilitating the lighthouse.  As of this time there are currently no tours to Eldred Rock although some water tours get close enough for great photos ops. For more information about the lighthouse, visit the Sheldon Museum's Eldred Rock Lighthouse information page.