Local Authors

Bob Adkins, author of The Golden Circle and Panhandle Pilot

Georgia Giacobbe, author of Rachel's Choice

Elisabeth Hakkinen, author of Haines: The First Century - featuring the early history of Haines.

Judy Hall, author of Native Plants of Southeast Alaska

Dan Henry, featured essay in Pushcart Prize 2003 as well as other publications.

Jack Hodnik, author of Lessons from Alaska

Heather Lende, author of If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name, Take Care of the Garden and the Dogs and Find the Good:  Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-town Obituary Writer

Robert Henderson, author of Charles H. Anway

Tom Lang, author of the books Bear, Cat Coffee, Eagle, Mrs. Claus, and Salmon

Russ Lyman/Joe Ordonez, authors of The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini River - An informative guide with combined experience of 30 years and over 100 trips down the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers.

Kathleen Menke, author of Haines for All Seasons and Spirits of the North

Joe Ordonez, author of Where Eagles Gather, The Story of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - Information about the region, the wildlife, its people, and why it's so important.

Joe Parnell, author of the poetry collection You Make Me Want . . . to Get a Job

Margaret Piggot, author of Discover Southeast Alaska with Pack and Paddle

Kevin Reeves, author of the poetry book Voices From a Far Land and his personal essay book about life in Alaska  called Alaska Reflections

Cecily Stern, author of A Different Kind of Gold

Eileen Wisdom, author of Loaded for Bear and the children series Words of Wisdom