Artists, Galleries & Authors

Alaska Indian Arts, Inc.

Historic #13 Fort Seward Dr.
PO Box 271
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2160

Alaska Wild Bear Photography

Fine art photographic prints.  Located across from Cruise Ship Dock. 

PO Box 549
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-767-5410

Ampersand AK

Alaskan Art, Handmade gifts, ceramics, jewelry, vintage, and more.

221 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3031

Antelope Arts

Treasure exists all around her.  Andrea sees it in rust, dirt, bones, corny figurines, nickel toys, diner menus and other relics that wear the weight of their past.  After finding objects that interest her, she incorporates them into a bigger whole that highlights their uniqueness.

Art on Main Street

An art gallery highlighting artists in Haines

219 Main St.
PO Box 633
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-0222

Catotti and Goldberg Art Studio

Artists Donna Catotti and Rob Goldberg translate Alaska wilderness into paintings, serigraphs, and public art projects that are on display throughout the state. Glicee reproductions of most of their paintings are available.
You can view their work at
Rob Goldberg also makes custom stringed instruments. For more information, visit his site at 
Open year round.


6.5 Mud Bay Road
PO Box 1154
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2707

Extreme Dreams Fine Arts Studio-Gallery

Gallery owners John and Sharon Svenson invite you to experience their unique studio-gallery with its spectacular glacier view located just 7 miles out Mud Bay Road. Local artists are usually hard at work on the torch and easel. The gallery showcases a variety of work, including watercolors, flame-worked beads, bronze, wood, glass mosaic mirrors, damascus steel, oil paintings, cast silver, and more. Open year round.

PO Box 449
Haines, AK 99827
Phone/Fax (907) 766-2097

Fair Winds Gallery, The

Alaskan treasures, gifts, art, flavors, and more.

39 Beach Road
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2195

Jilkaat Kwaan Heritage Center Gift Shop

The Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Heritage and Bald Eagle Preserve Visitor Center opened on May 14, 2016, nearly a century after the idea of putting a cultural museum in the small Tlingit village 22 miles north of Haines was first discussed. The main tourist draw for the new center may be its 200-year-old Whale House artifacts with their checkered history and comparisons to Elgin Marbles and the Sistine Chapel, but the site offers much more for Klukwan and visitors. Down the path a little ways is a traditional knowledge camp, where subsistence skills continue to be taught (Salmon Camp runs from July 22-Aug. 26 this year). A hospitality center offers gifts and food. Within the building itself will be space for carvers and weaves to work and room for cultural classes of all kinds in addition to the museum.

22 Mile Haines Highway (Klukwan)
Haines, Alaska 99827
PH:  907-767-5485

Kicking Horse Studios

Elizabeth Jurgeleit was born and raised in Haines, Alaska. She draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of her home town. The areas local culture is depicted in her art seen throughout her cards, drawings and paintings.

Local Authors

Bob Adkins, author of The Golden Circle and Panhandle Pilot

Georgia Giacobbe, author of Rachel's Choice

Elisabeth Hakkinen, author of Haines: The First Century - featuring the early history of Haines.

Judy Hall, author of Native Plants of Southeast Alaska

Dan Henry, featured essay in Pushcart Prize 2003 as well as other publications.

Jack Hodnik, author of Lessons from Alaska

Heather Lende, author of If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name, Take Care of the Garden and the Dogs and Find the Good:  Unexpected Life Lessons From a Small-town Obituary Writer

Robert Henderson, author of Charles H. Anway

Tom Lang, author of the books Bear, Cat Coffee, Eagle, Mrs. Claus, and Salmon

Russ Lyman/Joe Ordonez, authors of The Complete Guide to the Tatshenshini River - An informative guide with combined experience of 30 years and over 100 trips down the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers.

Kathleen Menke, author of Haines for All Seasons and Spirits of the North

Joe Ordonez, author of Where Eagles Gather, The Story of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve - Information about the region, the wildlife, its people, and why it's so important.

Joe Parnell, author of the poetry collection You Make Me Want . . . to Get a Job

Margaret Piggot, author of Discover Southeast Alaska with Pack and Paddle

Kevin Reeves, author of the poetry book Voices From a Far Land and his personal essay book about life in Alaska  called Alaska Reflections

Cecily Stern, author of A Different Kind of Gold

Eileen Wisdom, author of Loaded for Bear and the children series Words of Wisdom

Magpie Gallery, The

Gallery features local artists and their products for sale.  Owner, Laura Rodgers.  Seasonal

127 2nd Ave.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-3333

Sea Wolf Gallery

Visit the Trapper's Cabin at Totem Village in the Fort Seward Parade Grounds to experience the woodcarving world of hometown multimedia artist, Tresham Gregg.  Tresham is usually carving in the studio gallery. He works in a variety of media, including paintings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, and puppets of all sorts. You may even get an impromptu puppet show of your very own.
Seasonal, May through September.

PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2540


Specializing in eco-friendly organic T-shirts printed in Haines, and showcasing the talents of local artists.  Seasonal, May - September.


Dalton City, Fairgrounds
PO Box 508
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2961

Tom Ganner Photography & Workshops

If you would like to discover the wonder of photography in Haines, Alaska, and are looking for a personalized Alaska photography workshop?  Look no further.  Private photography workshops emphasizing on landscape and wildlife photography including technical and compositional aspects of photography, as well as post-processing techniques.  Lodging and vehicle use included in our workshop packages for those who are making Haines a destination vacation experience.   Also check his virtual gallery out!

PO Box 811
Haines, AK  99827

Uniquely Alaskan Arts

Located on the corner of 2nd and Willard Street across from Haines Visitor's Center, this large and stunning gallery is full of eclectic art from local artist, Tresham Gregg as well as others. Gregg blends Northwest Native Spiritism with his own brand of artistic stylization for unique concepts and images in a variety of media, including woodcarvings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, paintings, and puppets.  Open May through September, 11 am - 5 pm most days.

201 Willard Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3525 or 766-2540

Whale Rider Gallery

Located just up Portage Street from the cruise ship dock, the Whale Rider Gallery features some of the best of Tresham Gregg's art works, hosted by Annette Smith, lifelong Haines artisan and actress, who is usually found painting Tresham's woodcarvings in the shop. As a daughter of one of the families who purchased the Fort when it was decommissioned after WWII, she knows plenty about the Fort's history and is happy to answer any questions. Open sporadically and on cruise ship days from May to September

21 Portage Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2540

Wild Iris, The

Located on Portage Street just up from the Cruise Ship Dock. Walk along a brick path surrounded by a beautiful Alaska garden to an intimate art gallery specializing in fine and local jewelry, Eskimo art, silkscreen works, Northwest coastal art, and unique pieces created of amber and local Gold Rush Alaska gold. Jewelry and eye glasses repairs available.
Open year round.

Box 77
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2300