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2010 - Airstream2305

By Airstream2305

Every stop we made in Alaska had something unique; history, scenery, community, glaciers, rivers, etc. Of all these, I think Haines would be the place I would live, if I moved to Alaska. Haines is a small town, about 2000 in the winter. ...

2010 - Kenneth Chan Photography

By Kenneth
Alaska Wildlife 2010. Hunting for wildlife in Alaska. These critters were found at the Kroschel Wildlife Center in Haines, AK. Much thanks to Stephen Kroschel and Mario Benassi for their time, expertise, and love of Alaska's natural ...

2010 - On The Road Again

By Ian's Blog

Tuesday, Aug 31st - by the side of Lutak Inlet, Haines. AK We make it to Haines easily enough, but our plans to camp at Chilkat State Park are stymied by a 14% grade on a dirt entrance road and the promise of five days of rain. ...

2010 - Alyeska The Great Land

By The Traveling Helwig's

We have been in Haines, Alaska for the last four days. Haines is another harbor completely surrounded by mountains. We leave tomorrow, Friday for Hyder, Alaska. We have to go back through Yukon Territory and British Columbia and it will ...

2010 - Kayaking for a Cause

By Doug

This is a kayak trip that will begin in Seattle, Washington and end in Haines, Alaska. Starting mid-May 2010 and stretching approximately 1300 miles through the Inside Passage it will take from 3-4 months to complete. ...

2010 - Exploring Haines

By TravelPod member kbandjb

A pleasant night and the promise of another sunny day; what more could a person ask for? Today was the drive down to Haines, AK...

Since there is a lull in the travel action, I’ll play advocate for the Haines Chamber of Commerce and give them their 15 seconds of fame. The history of the valley where Haines is presently located goes back beyond...
Our objectives today were to visit the Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, drive out to the 14 miles to the Chilkat Peninsula State Park and go back to the Chilkoot River for more bear viewing. I know it looks like a typing mistake...
Well today will be the day we step off of Alaskan soil to board the ferry for our four day ride back to the lower Forty-Eight. Alaska has been surprising, interesting, and educational; for me...

2010 - Traveling with Dick, Beth and Moe: Haines, Alaska / Bear Country

By Traveling with Dick, Beth, and Moe

Our travels take us into Canada and then back to Alaska to Haines, North America's longest and deepest fjord. Historic Fort William Seward is in town and was used during World War I and II as a training base for Alaska recruits. ...

2010 - Summer Camp Haines Alaska

By Dena

Bob is all settled in and ready to spend the summer as Camp Host at Chilkoot Lake State Park - Haines, Alaska. I have documented the 1st two weeks of our trip and included pictures. It takes quite a bit of time to keep a blog updated so ...

2010 - Paul & Helen's Travel's to Alaska

By Paul & Helen

Helen and I have been here in Haines, Alaska for a few days now and, as usual, we're having a good time. Yesterday we took the dogs for a swim at Chilkoot Lake only to find it elbow to elbow with fishermen. ...

2010 - Goodbye to Haines

By Mike & Judy

We have made many new friends here in Haines. When returning from Scagway on the ferry we were met by Roger and Barb Maynard. They turned out to be good friends of a model A owner who had driven to Alaska in her Model A truck in 1953. ...

2010 - A Morning in Haines

By Elizabeth

Our next port of call was Haines; another small, historic fishing town along the inside passage. Haines is also home to Fort Seward, a military post that was.

2010 - Bach Traveling Time: Haines Alaska

By Bach Travels

Haines Alaska - my favorite place in Alaska...

2009 - Brendan Preston Photography

Every fall my old man and I try to make it to Haines, Alaska for the Coho run. The weather is brisk, the mountains are snowy and the eagles and bears are fat from feasting all summer. This year we were accompanied by my girlfriend and a co-worker....and of course, my girlfriend took home the biggest fish! A story that quickly circulated around the office and one sure I haven't heard the last of.  I didn't upload the pictures of her trophy, but it was about 20 lbs! Enjoy these other pics. Oh, I've also included a few pictures from last year.

2009 - On the Road to Haines, Alaska

Haines is known for its bear and eagle sightings. Maybe we will have some more luck with the right camera.

2009 - Up North: Haines, AK

By Susan Emerald

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but as soon as we hit the AK Side, the scenery was gorgeous!  No more blasted, withering landscape of the Yukon.  There was hige trees (Cottonwood, I believe) that looked heathy, lots of lush undergrowth, and that fresh ocean smell.  I was impressed!

2009 - Jerry & Mary North to Alaska

By Jerry & Mary

We stopped first at the American Bald Eagle Foundation and toured the small facility. We learned that nearly 3,000 bald eagles gather along a four mile stretch of the Chilkat River, close to Haines, every fall to feast on the late salmon run. ...

2009 - Living in Alaska - Life in the Last Frontier

By Susan Stevenson

The river and lake are known for good fishing opportunities, and where there’s good fishing, there’s bound to be bears. We were told by several folks to visit the park near sundown for a chance to see the bears fishing - especially near the weir which is operated by the Alaska Dept of Fish & Game. ...

2009 - Alaskan Highway Motorcycle Adventure

By Doug

The ride today was gorgeous despite the wet crossing through the mountains. We could see the rain coming before it hit, and it got so dark at one point that we both stopped to take sunglasses off so we could see through the, cloud....

2009 - Alaska Travel Journal

By Linda Kauffman
Linda Kauffman's 2009 Alaska Journal entries for Haines, Alaska from June 22 - 24....