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2008 Snow'newS

Avalanche Skier POV Helmet Cam Burial & Rescue in Haines, Alaska.

2009 Almost Live - Episode 16 - Deep Steep AK Spines

2009 Amazing Footage Shows Skier Buried in Avalanche

The amazing video, taken from the skier’s helmet camera, shows him take off down the slope before being swept up and buried in the avalanche.

2009 Movie of the Month: In Deep

In Deep features many stellar athletes including Kaj Zakrisson, Hugo Harrisson, Mark Abma, Mike Douglas, JT Holmes, and many more. Segments were filmed from many places around the world including Squaw Valley, Keystone, British Columbia, Italy, Haines, Sweden, and Crested Butte.

2010 Vimeo - Haines, Alaska Backcountry

Snowmachine and heli access snowboard video from Haines, Alaska.

Heliskiing with SEABA in Haines, Alaska

Heliskiing in Alaska can be as dangerous as it is spectacular, but with the right guide, it’s something every skier/rider should put on their list.

Skiing Magazine Articles

List of Articles in Skiing Magazine.

So You Want to go and Shoot Skiing in Alaska...

I’m here with a crew from Poorboyz productions, working alongside them while they film for their new movie, Revolver.  Our stacked list of pro skiers  consists of Dane Tudor, Tim Durtchi, Julien Regnier, Pep Fujas and JP Auclair and I’m doing some shooting for Atomic Skis and Salomon...

Stoked News: For the Action Sports Lifestyle

Snow Skiing Video - Sebastian Garhammer on Four Winds in Haines, AK.

The Dream Has Changed

Haines, Alaska. The Dream has changed.  Since I can remember the dream was always about getting paid enough snowboarding so I could spend the spring in Alaska flying in helicopters and making snowboard movies. After starring in over 45 movies the dream was starting to wear off. The challenge was gone and I was getting bored.  No longer was I having the “best day of my life” every time I went out and although I was riding some of the best lines of my life it did not feel like it at the end of the day. (Cry me a river…I know.)