Alaska Rod's

Main and 2nd St
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2352

Alaska Wild Bear Photography

Fine art photographic prints.  Located across from Cruise Ship Dock. 

PO Box 549
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-767-5410

Ampersand AK

Alaskan Art, Handmade gifts, ceramics, jewelry, vintage, and more.

221 Main St.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3031

Babbling Book and Dragon's Nook, The

Located on Main Street between Second and Third Avenues, offering a wide variety of books, cards, toys, maps, journals and other gift items. 
Open year round.

223 Main Street
PO Box 935
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-3356

Bear Den Gifts

Located on Main Street near the boat harbor, Bear Den Gifts is a large store with Alaskan gifts, carvings, hats, clothing, food products, and more. Life-is-Good line.  Seasonal, April through October. 

8 Main Street
PO Box 361
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (520) 289-6198

Bell's Seafood

Located on Second Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets, Bell's offers the finest in fresh Alaskan seafood:  King Crab, salmon, shrimp, halibut, and ling cod. Alaskan gifts, fresh flowers, and clothing also available. We pack and ship.
Open year round.

22 2nd Ave N.
PO Box 1189
Haines, AK  99827
(907) 766-2950

Caroline's Closet

Contemporary apparel for men and women including the Hanes brand, gifts, and accessories.  Shoe brands include, Nike, Sierra Designs.  Music, Burts Bees, souvenirs & souvenir clothing.  On the corner of Main Street and Second Avenue.  Open year round.

204 Main St.
PO Box 1309
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3223

Dejon Delights Alaska Smokery and Gourmet Gifts

Located at 38  Portage Street in historic Fort Seward, Dejon Delights offers Salmon, halibut and black cod - smoked and fresh.  Custom processing available.  Alaskan-made gifts.  Shipping year-round.  Online store open year round. Storefront open seasonally.

Building 37, Portage Street
PO Box 712
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2505
Phone (800) 539-3608

Fair Winds Gallery, The

Alaskan treasures, gifts, art, flavors, and more.

39 Beach Road
Haines, AK 99827
PH: 907-766-2195

Gill Netter Gear Shed

Featuring Alaskan artists, nautical gifts, Ray Troll T-shirts.  Open seasonal, May - September.

#4 Main St
PO Box 246
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3395

Gold Spot

Located on Second Avenue between Main and Dalton Streets, the Gold Nugget specializes in gold jewelry made from gold nuggets. Other Alaskan gifts are also available, including gold nuggets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.  Open seasonal, May - September.

PO Box 312
Haines, AK  99827
(907) 766-2772

Great Alaska Soap Company

The Great Alaska Soap Company is a small home-based business, located in beautiful Haines, Alaska.  We are happy to offer you all natural soap,lip balm and deet free insect repellent.   All of our products are made in small quantities to insure freshness.  Using our products will give you peace of mind, knowing that you are using pure and chemical free products on your skin.  These hand made products are good for you and the environment.

PO Box 875
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-314-0801

Haines Packing Co.

Visit one of the oldest cannery sites in SE Alaska, located at 5.5 Mile Mud Bay Road, Letnikof Cove and bring your camera. Our state-of-the-art facility processes all 5 species of Wild Alaska Salmon delivered by our local fleet. Our custom products, smoked salmon, caviar, fresh/frozen sockeye salmon fillets, salmon jerky and halibut, are available at our gift store, along with other handmade items.
Open seasonally.

PO Box 930
Haines, AK  99827

Jilkaat Kwaan Cultural Tours

Located at 22 Mile, Haines Highway. Experience the tradition, dance, and culture of the Chilkat Tlingit people on a visit to Klukwan,
the last remaining village of the Chilkat Tlingit people. Book tours onboard through shore excursions office, also
walk-ins welcome M-F 10 am - 4 pm and Saturdays 1-4 pm, CLOSED Sundays.  For more information visit website
Seasonal, May through September.

22 Mile Haines Highway (Klukwan)
PO Box 976
Haines, AK 99827
PH:  907-767-5485

La Loft

Women's clothing, used and gently used. Open year-round, 7 days a week 10 am - 5:30 pm. 

2nd and Main St.
PO Box 1063
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-0031

Lynn View Mercantile

Location for  Lynn View Car Rentals and Kelleen Adams' t-shirt designs.  Hand-painted bags, driftwood and pillows.  Jewelry, local photography, and store staples.  Hours 10 am to 5 pm, except Wednesdays will open at 8 am.  Located by the Port Chilkoot Dock.

77 Beach Rd.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-2222

Magpie Gallery, The

Gallery features local artists and their products for sale.  Owner, Laura Rodgers.  Seasonal

127 2nd Ave.
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-303-3333

Northwest Pewter Co.

Tlingit and Tsimshian Indian designed  pewter tableware.  Corporate gifts and wholesale.  Open by appointment.

121 Chestnut St.
PO Box 136
Haines, AK  99827
PH:  907-766-3059

Sea Wolf Gallery

Visit the Trapper's Cabin at Totem Village in the Fort Seward Parade Grounds to experience the woodcarving world of hometown multimedia artist, Tresham Gregg.  Tresham is usually carving in the studio gallery. He works in a variety of media, including paintings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, and puppets of all sorts. You may even get an impromptu puppet show of your very own.
Seasonal, May through September.

PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2540

Second Nature

Located just a few blocks north of Main Street on Second Avenue, Fun Guy Foraged Products, LLC.  "The store that helps people enjoy nature's bounty".  Items for the outdoors person, the gourmet cook, the vintage collector and the home brewer.    Chilkat Valley mushroom products, field guides and foraging tools, berry products, raw honey, beeswax candles, home brewing supplig, vintage items and much more.  Open year round.

121 Second Avenue, North
PO Box 701
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-2992

Trading Post

Native made gifts, including items made from whale bone, ballen and ivory.  Alaksa T-shirts and fleece, natural gold nuggets.  Open seasonally, May - September.

128 2nd Ave. S.
PO Box 312
Haines, AK  99827

Uniquely Alaskan Arts

Located on the corner of 2nd and Willard Street across from Haines Visitor's Center, this large and stunning gallery is full of eclectic art from local artist, Tresham Gregg as well as others. Gregg blends Northwest Native Spiritism with his own brand of artistic stylization for unique concepts and images in a variety of media, including woodcarvings, silk screen prints, silver and beaded jewelry, paintings, and puppets.  Open May through September, 11 am - 5 pm most days.

201 Willard Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone (907) 766-3525 or 766-2540

Whale Rider Gallery

Located just up Portage Street from the cruise ship dock, the Whale Rider Gallery features some of the best of Tresham Gregg's art works, hosted by Annette Smith, lifelong Haines artisan and actress, who is usually found painting Tresham's woodcarvings in the shop. As a daughter of one of the families who purchased the Fort when it was decommissioned after WWII, she knows plenty about the Fort's history and is happy to answer any questions. Open sporadically and on cruise ship days from May to September

21 Portage Street
PO Box 776
Haines, AK  99827
Phone/FAX (907) 766-2540

Wild Iris, The

Located on Portage Street just up from the Cruise Ship Dock. Walk along a brick path surrounded by a beautiful Alaska garden to an intimate art gallery specializing in fine and local jewelry, Eskimo art, silkscreen works, Northwest coastal art, and unique pieces created of amber and local Gold Rush Alaska gold. Jewelry and eye glasses repairs available.
Open year round.

Box 77
Haines, AK 99827
Phone (907) 766-2300