No matter what you call us; Alaska Inside Passage, Alaska Panhandle or Southeast Alaska, the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System is our lifeline.

Accord Marketing Ltd., writer Dawn Stephens-Borg's article on the Great Alaska Craft Beer and Home Brew Festival in Haines highlights the tasty gourmet beer banquet that starts the festival off on Friday night. 

Wanting that romantic getaway?  Haines is the place!

Port Chilkoot Distillery and Haines Brewing Company is highlighted by writer Michaela Trimble's recent visit.

Do you have 36 hours to spend in Haines?  Here is one writer's view of things to do.

Heather Lende's take on an obituary writer for Haines

Renee Brinks'Alaska brewing and distilling piece in the October issue

Angela Goodwin writes about local Leo Smith's love for the Alcan 200 in Alaska Snowrider. 

USA article featuring the American Bald Eagle Foundation's Eagle Festival in November.

— Don Pitcher for Triporati

Located along a deep fjord in northern Southeast Alaska, the town of Haines (pop. 1,400) straddles a narrow peninsula. Out front is Chilkoot Inlet and directly behind lies the wide Chilkat River and towering peaks of the Chilkat Range. Historic Fort Seward — built in the early 1900s — is a focal point, with its white Victorian buildings, spacious parade grounds, and master totem carvers at Alaska Indian Arts. The town is also home to a couple of museums, including the unique Hammer Museum with more than 1,500 hammers of all shapes and sizes. The Haines Highway — one of the only roads out of Southeast Alaska — leads north, paralleling the ...

Herfst 2011

...Haines - op nog geen uurtje varen can Skagway - is een andere havenplaats in het zuidoosten van Alaska. Landschappelijk kan se plaats zich zonder problemen met Skagway meten, want ook Haines wordt bijna omarmd door een prachtige bergwereld. Maar met slechts één cruiseschip in de week ontbreken hier de grote mensenmassa's. ...


November 2010

Sometimes when the going gets tough, the tough guys go to Alaska. ...

March 2010
Ben Hall discovers Alaska's grand wilderness at sea level and from on high.
Blow by Blow Hisotry at Hand
January 17, 2010
Ben Hall stumbles upon intrigue and danger in an Alaskan house of hammers.

August 2009

...When not viewing mountains and glaciers, we stopped in gold rush outports Skagway, Ketchikan and Haines, which would probably have dried up and blown away long ago if it hadn't been for the tourist boom. ...

July 2005

...One day later, in Haines, we opt for a fishing expedition of an entirely different sort. A giddy ride aboard a converted school bus delivers us to the 48,000-acre Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve, which has nearly 100 nests. But in the fall, locals say, as many as 3,000 bald eagles gather here for the "Congregation," when they feed off the enormous fish population that migrates up the Chilkat River. ...

August 2004

Seeking an underpopulated—and undiscovered—slice of paradise? Drop in to any of our 20 adventure towns, from burly Haines, Alaska, to serene Cedar Key, Florida, where you'll find cush, affordable base camps for spontaneous long weekends or a lifetime of wild fun.

February 2004

HAINES, Alaska — Dave Pahl has a museum on Main Street featuring more than 1,200 kinds of hammers.

"I like hammers." ...

August 2003

...The New York Times article, which is appearing in other newspapers nationwide through the New York Times News Service, will help Haines foster a reputation as a haven for independent travelers, Glass said....

The New York Times article by Cheryll Aimee Barron is a good read.